Product Design - Plastic Recycling Symbols

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  1. Polyethylene Trephalate, name the common use, and properties.
    Mostly used in food packaging.

    • Bottled Beverages

    • Light weight
    • Inexpensive
    • Easily recycleable.
  2. High Density Polythene  name the common uses, and properties.
    Mostly used for packaging product with short shelf life due to the low risk of contaminating the contents with breakdown products

    • Shampoo bottles, milk cartons, clean product bottles.

    • More expensive than PET.
    • Resistant to moisture.
  3. Polyvinyl Chloride, name the common uses and properties.
    Commonly used for piping and injection moulding.

    • Water piping, wire/cable jacketing.

    • Releases toxins when burned as it contain chlorine and should not come into contact with food.
    • Tough and flexible.
    • Chemical-resistant.
  4. Low density polyethylene, name the common uses and proprieties.

    Has many application and is used for heat sealing and insulation applications.

    • Plastic bags, frozen food packaging.

    • Tough and flexible.
    • Not normally recycled.
    • Resistant to moisture.
  5. Polypropylene, name the common uses and properties.

    Commonly used for hot-liquid containers.

    • Hot chocolate containers, plastic cups, ketchup bottles.

    • Has a high melting point.
    • Chemical-resistant.
    • Resistant to water, oil, grease.
  6. Polystyrene, name the common uses and the properties.

    • Mostly used in fast food packaging and disposable cups and packaging protection.

    • Good Material for insulation.
    • Low melting point.
    • Can be manufactured into rigid foam product like styrofoam.
    • Difficult to recycle.
  7. Name 3 product that fall into the "other category.

    Other product include; Sunglasses, DVD's, Computer Cases, Nylon.

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Alevel revision notes for recycling symbols for plastics and properties.
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