Product Design - Thermoset Plastics

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  1. Give the definition of thermoset plastics  you should refer to the molecular structure.
    These plastics can be shaped, and reshaped using heat, as they have long monomer chains that are not interlinked.
  2. Name 3 thermoplastics, and a use of each.
    Thermoplastics include; Urea formaldehyde, Polyester Resin, Epoxy Resins, Melamine formaldehyde.

    Urea formaldehyde; electrical fittings, handles/door knobs, adhesive used in MDF.

    Polyester Resin; Bonding fibers (kevlar, carbon fiber glass), casting.

    Epoxy Resins; adhesives, bonding fibers.

    Melamine Formaldehyde; adhesives, bonding fibers.
  3. Give the properties and uses of polyester resin. (4)
    • Liquid in raw state.
    • Good insulator.
    • Brittle without reinforcement.
    • Chemical resistance.

    Used for adhesives and bonding fibers.
  4. Name the properties and of Urea Formaldehyde (Electrical Fittings).
    • Good insulator of heat/electricity.
    • Brittle, easily snapped.
    • Stiff, doesn't bend/shape.

    • Electrical fittings;
    • It is a good conductor of electricity, so there is no chance of the user getting an electric shock.
    • It is heat resistant so will not be effected the high wattage.
  5. Give the properties and uses of Epoxy Resin. (2)
    • Good Heat/Chemical resistance.
    • Brittle, easily snapped.

    Used for adhesives and bonding fibers.
  6. Give the properties of Melamine formaldehyde. (3)
    • Heat resistant.
    • Very Strong.
    • Hard.

    Used for adhesive adhesive and bonding fibers.
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