anatomy CERT IV

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    • O: EOP, sup nuchal line, nuchal ligament, SPs of C7-T12
    • I: lat 1/3 clavicle, acromion, spine of scapula
    • A: Upper: Elv of scapula, lat flex neck, ext neck
    • Mid&Low: Ret & Dep of scap
  2. Tibialis Anterior
    • O: Ant prox tibia (lat tibial condyle & prox 2/3 of anteriolateral surface of tibia)
    • I: Medial cuneiform & base of 1st metatarsal
    • A: Dorsiflex & inv of ankle
  3. Gastrocnemus
    • O: sup to med & lat condyles femur
    • I: Calcaneus via Achilles tendon
    • A: Plantar flex ankle, flex knee
    • (Stabilises ankle and knee when standing)
  4. Pectoralis Major
    • O: Med 1/2 of clavicle, any sternum, costal cartilage of R 1-6
    • I: Bicipital groove humerus (lat lip)
    • A: (GH) Adn & med rot, horiz adn, flex
  5. Levator Scapulae
    • O: TPs C1-C4
    • I: Med border of scapula (superior to spine)
    • A: Elv scapula, ext & lat flex of neck
  6. Rhomboids
    • Minor
    • O:SPs C7,T1
    • I: Med border scapula @ spine
    • Major
    • O:SPs T2-T5
    • I:Med border scapula spine to inf angle
    • A: Ret of scapula
  7. Temporalis
    • O:Temporal fossa
    • I: Coronoid proc of mandible
    • A:Elv and Ret of mandible
  8. Masseter
    • O: Inf border zygomatic arch
    • I: angle and ramus of mandible
    • A: elv of mandible
  9. Soleus
    • O:Soleal line of tibia and upper fibula
    • I: Calcaneus via Achilles tendon
    • A: Plantar flex ankle (prime mover)
  10. Gluteus Maximus
    • O: Post Iliac crest,sacrum, coccyx, sacrotuberous (sacrum to ischial tub) ligament
    • I: ITB &gluteal tuberosity of femur (posterior and lateral to lesser trochanter)
    • A: Ext hip, lat rot hip
  11. Latissimus Dorsi
    • O: Post sacrum, Iliac crest, Thoracolumbar fascia, SPs T7-L5, R9-12
    • I:Biciptal groove humerus
    • A: Adn, med rot, ext GH
  12. Triceps brachii
    • O: LONG: Infraglenoid tubercule & neck of scapula LATERAL: posterior humerus sup to radial groove (up 1/2) MEDIAL (deep) : posterior humerus inf to radial groove (lo 1/2)
    • I: Olecranon proc of ulna
    • A:Ext of GH (LONG only), ext of elbow (ALL)
  13. Biceps brachii
    • O: LONG - supraglenoid tubercle and glenoid labrum SHORT - coracoid proc of scapula
    • I: radial tuberosity and bicpital aponeurosis
    • A: Flex elbow, sup forearm, flex GH
  14. Erector Spinea
    • "I like standing"
    • O&I:Illiocostalis sacrum, iliac crest, angle of ribs, TPs C3-C6
    • Longissimus sacrum, TPs C2-L5, mastoid proc
    • Spinalis SPs C2-L2, occipital bone inf to nuchal line
    • A:Ext neck and spine, lat flex spine
  15. Fibularis/Peroneus
    • LONGUS O: Head and prox lat shaft of fibula
    • I: Med cuneiform and base 1st metatarsal
    • BREVIS O: distal lat 1/2 of fibula
    • I: Base of 5th metatarsal

    A: Evrn & plantar flex of ankle
  16. Sternocleidomastoid (SCM)
    • O: sternal head - manubrium, clavicular head - med clavicle
    • I: mastoid proc
    • A: rot of neck (contralateral), lat flex neck (ipsilateral), flex neck (bilateral)
  17. Quadraceps
    • O: Rectus femoris ant inf iliac spine (AIIS)
    • Vastus lateralis lat linea aspera
    • Vastus intermedius ant shaft femur
    • Vastus medialis med linea aspera
    • I: tibial tuberosity via quadraceps tendon - patella - patellar ligament
    • A: ext knee and (Rec Fem only) flex hip
  18. Deltoid
    • O:lat 1/3 clavicle, acromion, spine of scapula
    • I: Deltoid tuberosity of humerus
    • A: Abn GH
    • ant fibres: flex, hor adn, med rot GH
    • post fibres: ext, hor abn, lat rot GH
  19. Adductors
    • Longus O: pubis inf to pubic tubercule
    • I: med lip linea aspera
    • A: adn, flex hip
    • Magnus
    • anterior head O:inf pubic ramus, ischial ramus I:linea aspera
    • posterior head O: ischial tuberosity I: adductor tubercle of femur (sup to medial epicondyle)
    • A: adn and ext hip
  20. Hamstrings
    • O: Ischial tuberosity, lat linea aspera (short head bic fem)
    • I: Lateral - Biceps femoris - post head fibula
    • Medial - Semitendinosus - pes anserine
    •  Most medial - Semimembranosus - medial tibial condyle
    • A: Flex knee, ext hip (not b.f. short)
  21. Splenius Capitus
    O: SPs C3-T3 and nuchal ligamentI: Occ bone sup nuchal line , mastoid procA: Rot, lat flex neck, ext neck
  22. Semispinalis Capitus
    O: TPs C7-T6, AP C4-C6I: Occ bone inf to superior nuchal lineA: Ext neck, control later flex opp side
  23. Scalenes
    Anterior : TP Cx 3-6 (1 inside mid)Mid : TP Cx 2-7 (all but Cx1)1st ribFlex, lat flex, contra rotn, end of inspire (elvn R1)Posterior: TP Cx 5-7 (last 3)2nd ribLat flex, elvn R2
  24. Carpals

    Some  Lovers   Try      Positions

    That   They      Can't   Handle
    Scaphoid Lunate Triquetrum Pisiform

    Trapezium Trapezoid Capitate Hamate
  25. Wrist Flexors
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  26. Wrist Extensors
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  27. Rotator Cuff
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  28. Scapular Dynamic Stabilisers
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  29. Humeral mobilisers
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  30. Elbow mobilisers (effect on GHJ)
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  31. Sartorius (an anterior medial muscle)
    • O:ASIS
    • I: Pes anserine

    A: FABER (flex, abduct, ext rotate)
  32. Tensor Fasciae Latae
    (an anterior lateral muscle)
    • O: ASIS
    • I: ITB > Gerdy's tuburcule (anterior tibia below lat condyle)

    A: FABIR and stabilise and anterior tilt
  33. Gluteus Medius
    • O: outer ilium (lateral to glut max)
    • I: Greater trochanter (superior lateral)
    • A: Abduction of hip, stabilise
  34. Gluteus Minimus
    • O: Outer ilium, lateral and deep to glut med.
    • I: Greater trochanter (anterior)
    • A: Abduct hip, stabilise.
  35. Piriformis
    • O: Anterior sacrum
    • I: Greater trochanter (superior medial)
    • A: External rotation
  36. Quadratus femoris
    • O: Ischial tuberosity (lateral)
    • I: Greater trochanter (posterior, i.e. intertrochantic crest)

    A: External rotation
  37. Iliacus
    • O: Anterior Iliac fossa
    • I: Lesser trochanter
    • A: Flexion, external rotation, anterior tilt

    with psoas major, the prime flexor
  38. Psoas Major
    • O: TPs, body and discs of T12-L5
    • I: Lesser Trochanter
    • A: Flex (espec >90) and ext rotate hip
    •     Flex and ext rotate spine
    •     Anterior tilt
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