Product Design - Composite Materials

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  1. Define what it is meant by a Composite Materials.
    2 Distinct materials which are combined to get the best of each property, such as improving material performance or lower manufacturing costs.
  2. Name 3 composite materials and name a use of each.
    Composite materials include; Fiber reinforced glass, Kevlar, Carbon fiber reinforced plastic, reinforced concrete, cermet.

    Fiber reinforced glass uses include; reinforcement.

    Kevlar uses include; woven into protective clothing.

    Carbon fiber reinforced plastic uses include; expensive car parts, bike frames, manufacture of planes, sports equipment.

    Reinforced concrete used include; Structural components (building), garden ornaments, paving slabs.

    Cermet uses include; cutting tools.
  3. Give the properties of Carbon Reinforced Plastic (Tennis rackets).
    • Light weight material.
    • Resistant to Corrosion.
    • Very expensive material.
    • Comes in fiber so is easy to vary thickness.

    • Tennis rackets;
    • It is a light weight material, which makes it much easier to swing.
    • It can moulded into a variety of shapes, such as ergonomic grips.
    • It can be easily painted so the racket can have a aesthetically pleasing look to the user.

    Racing Car;Can be printed in easily, eg. company logos or colour.Light weight so would reduce the amount of fuel consumption.Can be easily moulded into complex shapes needed for the body parts of the car.
  4. Give the properties of Concrete (Garden ornaments).
    • Can be reinforced with bars.
    • Can be shaped into a mould (cast).
    • Readily available materials so is cheap.

    • Garden ornaments;
    • Can be pour into a mould, which is much easier than carving stone.
    • Can have added colour pigments which adds to the aesthetics of the product and make it more appealing to the user.
    • It is weather resistant, so it can be left outside without the worry of it being ruined.
  5. Give the properties of Shape memory alloy (Dental Braces).
    • Dental Braces;
    • SMA is very nonreactive which is important as it does not corrode or react to liquids. 
    • Is a non-toxic material so is suitable and safe to be used in the mouth.
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