Product Design - Smart Materials

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  1. Define what is meant by a smart material.
    Materials that change their physical property in response to a input.
  2. Give name of 4 smart materials, and give there change on input.
    Thermochromic; a material that changes colour in response to a change in temperature.

    Photochromic; a material that changes colour/shade depending on the level of light in the environment.

    Phosphorentscent; a material that absorbs light and then readmits it. (glow in the dark).

    Shape memory alloy; "Nitonol". Wire that can be bent into shape but will always return to it's original shape with heat.

    Polymorf; When moulded gently is soft, but when handled with force is hard.
  3. Name a use for the following smart materials.
    Thermochromic pigment
    Shape Memory alloy
    Thermochromic sheet
    Uses of thermochromic pigment; Injected into plastics/clothing. Baby spoon, baby clothing.

    Uses of shape memory alloy; glasses frames, braces.

    uses of Thermochromic sheet; thermal warning patches.

    Uses of Polymorf; grips, modeling.

    Uses of photochromic; transition sunglasses, sun blocking windscreens.

    Uses of phosphorescent; watch hands.
  4. Give the properties of Photochromic pigment (thermometers).
    Changes colour with temperature.

    • Thermometer;
    • Much safer to use for the user than mercury.
    • Can be used to indicate temperature ranges on the thermometer, eg. cold for low red for high.
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