physics 1

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  1. the sume of the individual momenta of each object within the system
    net momentum 
  2. the product of the force acting on a system and time interval during which the force acts. Equals the change in momentum
  3. a force applied to a system from outside the system, the most common of which are weight, support or normal force, friction, and fluid resistance
    external force
  4. a system that does not gain or loose mass
    closed system 
  5. "Inertia in Motion"; the "quantity of motion"; the product of the mass of an object and the velocity of the object
  6. a collision in which the colliding objects become tangled or coupled together, distorted (shape changes) and/or generate heat or sound during the collison
    inelastic interaction
  7. in a closed and isolated system, the momentum of the system before the interaction among the system parts is equal to the momentum of the system after the interaction
    law of conservation of mass
  8. the energy and object has because of its motion
    kinetic energy 
  9. an interaction in which the objects of the system are initially at rest before the parts interact and fly apart because of the release of energy stored within the system
    explosive momentum 
  10. the identified object or collection of objects that will interact and the thing upon which external forces acts
  11. an impulse causes and is equal to the resulting change in momentum and is in the same direction as the change of momentum
    impulse-momentum theorem 
  12. collisions in which colliding objects rebound without a lasting change in shape or sound or heat generation
  13. a system on which the net external force is zero
    isolated system
  14. the ability of an object to produce a change in itself or the world around it
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