Med Terminology Ch. 1 Formation of Plurals

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  1. Words ending in a retain a and add e:
    Singular:     Plural:         

    vertebra     vertebrae   

    • Backbones
    • bursa          bursae       

    Sacs of fluid near a joints
  2. Words ending in is drop the is and add es:
    Singular:       Plural:          

    diagnosis       diagnoses  

    Determinations of  the nature and causes of the diseases.

    psychosis       psychoses   

    Abnormal condtions of the mind
  3. Words ending ex or ix, drop the ex or ix and add ices:
    Singular:     Plural:         

    apex            apices

    Pointed out ends of the organs

    cortex          cortices

    Outer parts of the organs

    varix            varices

    Enlarged, swollen, veins
  4. Words ending in on drop the on and add a:
    Singular:      Plural:

    ganglion       ganglia

    Group of nerve cells; benign cysts near a joint ( such as the wrist)
  5. Words ending in um drop the um and add a:
    Singular:        Plural:

    bacterium       bacteria

    Types of one-celled organisms

    ovum             ova

    Egg cells
  6. Words ending in us drop the us and add i*:
    Singular:       Plural:

    bronchus       bronchi

    Tubes leading from the windpipe to the lungs

    calculus        calculi

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