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  1. Elastic
    Ability to rebound from a deformation
  2. Plastic
    Does not reform after deformation
  3. Fracture
    A joint breaking due to strain
  4. Stress
    The force being placed on the material
  5. Strain
    A deformation that occurs from stress
  6. Orogeny
    The process of mountain building
  7. Craton
    The region of a continent that has been undisturbed for a long time
  8. Precambrian Shield
    An exposed complex of metamorphic and plutonic rocks that has been deformed for millions of years.
  9. Isostasy
    The ability of the lighter lithosphere to float on top of the dense mantle
  10. Quaternary
    1.8 mya
  11. Tertiary
    65 mya
  12. Cretaceous
    145 mya
  13. Jurassic
  14. Triassic
    251 mya
  15. Permian
    286 mya
  16. Pennsylvanian
    320 mya
  17. Mississippian
    360 mya
  18. Devonian
    417 mya
  19. Silurian
    443 mya
  20. Ordovician
    495 mya
  21. Cambrian
    542 mya
  22. Proterozoic eon
    2,500 mya
  23. Archean eon
    4,500 mya
  24. Isostatic Rebound
    Ground being compressed by a glacier and reforming
  25. Compression
  26. Inclined Fold
  27. Monocline
  28. Moraine
  29. Anticline
  30. Till
    An unsorted glacial deposit
  31. Basin
  32. Dome
  33. Shearing
  34. Tension
  35. Recumbent
  36. Syncline
  37. Normal Fault
  38. Oblique Fault
  39. Reverse Fault
  40. Strike-Slip Fault
  41. Thrust Fault
  42. Alluvium
    Unsorted alluvial sediments
  43. Phaneritic (Coarse) - Felsic
  44. Aphanitic (Smooth) - Felsic
  45. Phaneritic (Coarse) - Intermediate
  46. Phaneritic (Coarse) - Mafic
  47. Aphanitic (Smooth) - Intermediate
  48. Aphanitic (Smooth) - Mafic
  49. Rounded - Gravel (>2mm)
  50. Angular - Gravel (>2mm)
  51. Sand (1/16->2mm)
  52. Silt (1/256->1/16mm)
  53. Mud (<1/256mm) - Fissile
  54. Mud (<1/256mm) - Massive
  55. Accretion of Terranes
    Terrane that did not form at its present location
  56. Glacial Outwash
    Sediments deposited by glacial meltwater
  57. Dropstone
    Large stone that has been frozen into, and then deposited by ice.
  58. Kame
    Small hill created by a deposit of glacial sediments
  59. Esker
    Small glacial river
  60. Braided Stream
  61. Cut Bank
  62. Meander
  63. Oxbow Lake
  64. Point Bar
  65. Roche Moutonnee
  66. Banded Iron
    How It Formed:
    Minerals Present:
    • Age: 2.7bya
    • How It Formed: Ex-halite that precipitated out into layers.
    • Minerals Present: Jasper (Silica), Hematite
  67. Giant's Range Granite
    How It Formed:
    Minerals Present:
    • Age: 2.7bya
    • How It Formed: Formed in the Giants Range Batholith
    • Minerals Present: Feldspar, Quartz, Amphibole
  68. Knife Lake Group
    How It Formed: 
    Minerals Present:
    • Age: 2.7bya
    • How It Formed: Formed from above water sediments and felsic ash
    • Minerals Present: Sedimentary rocks as well as meta-tuff and phyllites
  69. Duluth Complex
    How It Formed:
    Minerals Present:
    • Age: 1.1bya
    • How It Formed: Mafic sill that intruded between the Giants Range Batholith and the North Shore Volcanic Group
    • Minerals Present: Contains mostly gabbro, contact zone contains precious metals (Copper)
  70. Archean Greenstone
    How It Formed:
    Minerals Present:
    • Age: 2.7bya
    • How It Formed: Formed from metamorphised basalt and chlorite
    • Minerals Present: Contains greenstone and biotite schist (Quetico Sub-province)
  71. Wawa Subprovince
    Volcanism creating basalt in an ocean setting
  72. Quetico Subprovince
    Mafic rocks of varying metamorphism
  73. Timing of the most recent Ice Age
    2.6 mya
  74. Hydrologic Cycle
    • Cycle moves water uphill
    • Gravity moves water downhill
  75. Milankovitch Theory
    The theory that the earths climate varies depending on its position in relation to the sun
  76. Continental Glaciers
  77. Valley (Alpine) Glaciers
  78. Ocean levels during the last Ice Age
    About 120 meters lower than current levels

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