Science 12.1 Quiz

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  1. Soil
    a complex plant-supporting system made up of minerals, organic material, water and air
  2. Parent Material
    the base geological material in a particular location
  3. Bedrock
    mass of solid rock that makes up Earth's crust
  4. Weathering
    physical and chemical processes that breaks downs rocks and minerals into smaller particles
  5. 4 ways of soil formation...
    Weathering, erosion, deposition and decomposition
  6. Deposition
    drop off of eroded material at a new location
  7. Decomposition
    breakdown of waste, organisms and organic material into simple molecules
  8. Soil Horizons (definition)
    distinct layer of soil
  9. Soil Profile
    a cross-section of all soil horizons in a specific soil, from surface to bedrock
  10. Soil Horizon Order & Descriptions...
    • O Horizon (litter layer)
    • A Horizon (top soil)
    • E Horizon (leaching layer)
    • B Horizon (subsoil)
    • C Horizon (weathered parent material)
    • R Horizon (parent material)
  11. Soil Composition is Influenced by...
    • Climate
    • Organisms
    • Land Forms
    • Parent Materials
    • and Time
  12. Soil Groups are further classified by...
    • Color
    • Structure
    • pH
    • & Texture
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