ch 28 physics

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  1. Atmosphere refraction makes the daylight hours a bit
  2. Refraction causes the bottom of a swimming pool to appear
    shallower than it actually is
  3. The type of lens that spreads parallel light is a
    diverging lens
  4. Fermat's principle of least time applies to
    both of these
  5. A surface that is considered rough for infrared waves may be polished for
    radio waves
  6. The law of reflection holds for
    both of these
  7. When light is refracted, there is a change in its
  8. The image of the "infinite-far-away" sum produced by a converging lens appears
    at the focal point
  9. The reason diamonds display many colors is that
    different colors of light undergo different changes of speed when traveling inside a diamond
  10. The shortest plane mirror in which you can see your entire image is
    half your height
  11. A single raindrop illuminated by sunshine disperses
    all the colors of the rainbow.
  12. When you look at yourself in a pocket mirror, and then hold the mirror farther away, you see
    the same amount of yourself
  13. Different colors of light travel at different speeds in a transparent medium. In vacuum, different colors of light travel at
    the same speed
  14. When a light beam emerges from water into air, the average light speed
  15. The incident light ray, the reflected light ray, and the normal between them
    lie in the same plane
  16. The bending of light as it refracts actually
    shorten the time of travel
  17. Object and image for a plane mirror lie
    equal distances from the mirror
  18. The refraction of light in a diamond is greater for
    short-wavelength light
  19. Star twinkle when seen from the Earth. When seen from the moon, stars
    don't twinkle
  20. If you wish to spear a fish with a regular spear, you should compensate for refraction between the air and water and throw your spear
    below the sighted fish
  21. In an optical fiber, light actually
    travels in straight-line segments
  22. A "burning glass" used to concentrate sunlight in a tiny spot is a
    converging lens
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