HCI 6 (Evaluation: Collecting Data)

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  1. Goals of evaluation: describe functionality
    Assess the extent and accessibility of the systems functionality (i.e. the design of the system should enable users to perform their intended tasks more easily)
  2. Goals of evaluation: describe experience
    Assess users experience of the interaction and its impact upon the user (e.g. how easy the system is to learn, its usability and the users satisfaction with it; is the experience enjoyable)
  3. Goals of evaluation: describe problems
    Identifying any specific problems with the system (e.g. unexpected results, confusion amongst users, bugs)
  4. Evaluation: Describe issues regarding who, when, how, which, what and resources used
    • Who - is giving the feedback (expert, novice etc)
    • When - are you getting the feedback with regard to the development cycle
    • How - is the evaluation been arrived at? what approach is being used (walkthrough, comparison guidelines, realistic context?)
    • Which - method for data gathering is used (Interview, observation etc.)
    • What - is being used to measure (qualitative/quantitative, alternatives?, recommendations)
    • Resources - what time, effort and money do you have
  5. List 7 data gathering methods
    • - interviews
    • - focus groups
    • - questionnaires
    • - surveys
    • - Observation in the field
    • - indirect observation
    • - experiment
  6. Timing of Evaluation w.r.t to design cycle
    • -pre-design
    • -early prototype
    • -pilot
    • -product

    evaluation is iterative and adaptive. repeated/different to suit needs of stages
  7. List Evaluation Approaches
    • Analytical evluation (by experts)
    • - cognitive walkthrough
    • - heuristic evaluation
    • - model-based evaluation

    Usability testing (controlled conditions) - hypothesis test

    Field studies (natural conditions)

  8. How to approach evaluation (6 steps)
    • 1. set your goals
    • 2. decide on participants
    • 3. decide your approach
    • 4. relationships with participants
    • 5. trangulate/mix methods
    • 6. use pilot studies
  9. What is a cognitive walkthrough?
    cognitive walkthrough involves stepping through an interaction sequence from the user's perspective
  10. be able to perform a cognitive walkthrough on a simple task
    (look up slides, lec8_19)
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