Parasitology Lab: Nematodes 41-74

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  1. Eucoleus aerophila
  2. Trichuris suis (whipworm)

  3. Trichuris suis

  4. Aelurostrongylus sp. (lungworms)
  5. Egg and larvae of Dictyocaulus arnfeldi 

    • Lungworm of Horse
    • Taken from bronchial exudate
    • Only larvae found in the feces
  6. Eggs, part of larvae, empty shell of Dictyocaulus arnfeldi

  7. Dictyocaulus filaria (lungworm)

    Sheep, goats and deer
  8. Strongyloides papillosus

    Intestinal thread worm of cattle, sheep and swine
  9. Metastrongylus apri (lungworm)

  10. Strongyloides stercoralis 

    Intestinal "threadworm" of dogs, foxes, cats, and humans
  11. Strongyloides larva 

  12. Strongyloides stercoralis 

    Dog, cat, fox and man 

    Larvae seen in fresh feces
  13. Strongyloides westeri 

    Intestinal threadworm of horse

    3 larger eggs are of Strongyles sp.
  14. Strongyloides westeri 

  15. Strongyloides papillosus 

    "Intestinal threadworm" of cattle, sheep, goats, and rabbits
  16. Strongyloides papillosus 

    Cattle, sheep, goats and rabbits
  17. Spirocerca lupi

    Esophageal worm of dogs and foxes
  18. Spirocerca lupi

    Canine and foxes
  19. Spirocerca nodules in lumen of esophagus

    Adult worms seen in granulomous lesions
  20. Sarcoma in esophagus due to Spirocerca sp.
  21. Opened esophagus of dog with 3 distinct nodules produced by Spirocerca sp.
  22. Spirocerca eggs 

    • A: Low power
    • B: High power
  23. Spirocerca lupi

    Dog and fox
  24. Egg and larvae of Parasenema plica 

    Parasite of urinary bladder
  25. Parasenema plica
  26. Dioctophyma renale

    Giant worm in dogs, foxes, and man

    Usually found in urine
  27. Dioctophyma renale

    Giant worm of dog, fox and man
  28. Stephanurus dentatus 

    Kidney worm of swine

    Usually found in urine
  29. Stephanurus dentatus

    Kidney worm of swine
  30. Physaloptera praeputialis 

    Stomach worm of cats, dogs, fox, and wild cats
  31. Physaloptera praeputialis

    Stomach worm of cats, dog and fox
  32. Physaloptera rara

    Stomach worm

    Passed in fresh feces
  33. Habronema muscae

    Gastric nematodes of horses
  34. Habronema muscae

    Gastric nematode of horse

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