Unit 4. Equipment Management Process

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  1. What code will tell you if a piece of equipment is an EAID item?  Where do you find this code?
    ERRCD "ND" or "NF"
  2. What's an allowance standard?
    It is the item quantity of an equipment item needed to perform the assigned missions, functions, or duties of AF organizations and individual specialists
  3. What's an equipment authorization?
    Equipment authorization are allowances that have been converted to specific quantities of specific items for specific unit
  4. What's a BOI?
    The authority that establishes the number of items to be issued to an individual, activity, or military organization
  5. When should an AF Form 2005 be used to request an equipment item?
    When the requested item is in an allowance standard where the approval is at wing/base level or below, and when the allowance standard preface or other directive requires special base-level coordination
  6. How are Non-EAID items identified?
    By ERRCD NF1 and activity code "P"
  7. What form is prepared to recommend/request changes to equipment allowance standards?
    Af Form 601
  8. What action do you take if required data for an AF Form 601 can't be obtained from the custodian?
    Disapprove the request
  9. When are multiple items with different federal supply classes included on a single AF Form 601 requiring higher then base level approval?
    When the request is against the same ASC and the background and justification for all the items are the same
  10. What method can be used to input an equipment allowance change request electronically?
    The Data Transactions Sessions TACR screen
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