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  1. RPM= (Formula)
    RPM=CSx4 divided by Tool Diameter(Mill) Or Material Diameter (Lathe)
  2. Stainless Steel Cutting Speed
    50 HSS & 150 Carbide
  3. Aluminum Cutting speed
    300 HSS & 900 Carbide
  4. Cutting Speed of Mild Steel (HSS&Carbide)
    100 HSS & 300 Carbide
  5. Cutting Speed =
    Number of feet per minute of material that passes the cutting point in one minute.
  6. Brass Cutting Speed
    200 HSS & 600 Carbide
  7. Plastic Cutting Speed
  8. A Address
    Specifies motion for optional fourth A Axis.
  9. B Address
    Specifies motion for optional fifth B Axis
  10. C Address
    Specifies motion for optional sixth C address
  11. D address
    Used to select tool diameter or radius used for cutter compensation
  12. F Address
    Feed Rate applied to any interploation functions
  13. G Address
    Preparatory functions
  14. H
    Tool length offset selection
  15. I Address
    Circular interpolation (X axis less than 90deg arc)
  16. J address
    Circular Interpolation (Y axis less than 90deg arc)
  17. K Address
    Circular Interpolation or canned cycle data
  18. M Address
    Miscellaneous used to control miscellaneous machine functions
  19. N Address
    Optional character used to identify or number each block of a program
  20. O Address
    Program number
  21. P address
    Delay of time
  22. Q Address
    Canned cycle optional data
  23. R Address
    Circular interpolation (90-180 deg arc)
  24. S Address
    Spindle Speed command
  25. T Address
    Tool Selection
  26. X Address
    Linear motion axis (Left and Right)
  27. Y Address
    Y Linear motion axis (to and fro)
  28. Z Address
    Z Linear axis (up and down)
  29. G00
    Rapid positioning motion
  30. G01
    Linear interpolation motion
  31. G02
    Circular interpolation (CW)
  32. G03
    Circular interpolation (CCW)
  33. G04
    Dwell (Non-modal)
  34. G10
    Programmable offset setting (non-modal)
  35. G20
    Inch coordinate positioning
  36. G21
    Metric coordinate positioning
  37. G28
    Maching zero return thru reference point (non-modal)
  38. G40
    cutter compensation cancel
  39. G41
    2d cutter compensation left
  40. G42
    2d cutter compensation right
  41. G43
    Tool length compensation +
  42. G54-59
    Work offset position coordinate 1-6
  43. G73
    High speed peck drill canned cycle
  44. G74
    Reverse tapping canned cycle
  45. G76
    Fine boring canned cycle
  46. G77
    Back bore canned cycle
  47. G80
    Cancel canned cycle
  48. G81
    Drill canned cycle
  49. G82
    Spot drill/Counter bore canned cycle
  50. G83
    Peck drill deep hole canned cycle
  51. G84
    Tapping canned cycle
  52. G85
    Bore in bore out canned cycle
  53. G89
    Bore dwell bore out canned cycle
  54. G90
    Absolute positioning
  55. G91
    Incremental positioning
  56. G92
    Set work coordinate value (Fanuc/HAAS)
  57. G98
    Canned cycle initial point return
  58. G99
    Canned cycle R plane return
  59. M00
    Program Stop
  60. M01
    Optional program stop
  61. M02
    Program end
  62. M03
    Spindle on CW
  63. M04
    Spindle on CCW
  64. M05
    Spindle stop
  65. M06
    Tool change
  66. M08
    Coolant on
  67. M09
    Coolant off
  68. M30
    Program end and reset
  69. M98
    Sub program call
  70. M99
    Sub program/ routine return or loop
  71. Feedrate =
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