English: Julius Caesar Act 2 and Act 3 Questions

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  1. What does Brutus mean when he says:
    "And there think him as a serpent's egg, which hatched, would as his kind grow mischievous, and kill him in his shell."?
    That it is smarter to kill him now while he still has little power, then when everyone is worshipping him
  2. Why does Metellus want Cicero to join the conspirators?
    He has silver hairs, wisdom
  3. Give 3 examples of how Brutus has demostarted his control over the conspiracy?
    • He decides not to kill Antony
    • He holds the meeting at his home
    • He says there will be no oath.
  4. How does Decius mainpulate Caesar into going to the capital?
    • He says that everyone will think he's a coward.
    • That he won't receive his crown.
    • Makes fun of him because his wife won't let him out.
    • He makes Calpurnia's dream sound good.
  5. What are four bad omens that foreshadow Caesar's death?
    • Calpurnia's Dream
    • Soothsayer
    • Lions in the street
    • Goat that had no heart
  6. What is the purpose of Act 2, Scene 3 with Artemidorus?
    That many people know about the conspiracy
  7. What has Brutus said to let the read know that he believes that killing Caesar is an honorable thing and not something he must be ashamed of?
    • He is doing it publicly
    • He feels like he is a hero.
  8. Why is Brutus upset when he is being stabbed?
    He is being betrayed by Brutus because all he wanted was comfort.
  9. Who was the first to kill Caesar?
  10. Who didn't stab Caesar?
  11. What were Brutus' persuasive devices?
    • Rhetorical Device
    • Cause and Effect
    • Logic and Reasoning
  12. What were Brutus' main ideas?
    • Brutus loved Rome more.
    • Caesar was ambitious and going to make the citizens slaves.
    • Brutus was willing to kill himself for Rome.
  13. What is the crowd's reaction after Brutus?
    Everyone loves him now
  14. What are Antony's main ideas?
    • Caesar refused the crown 3 times.
    • When the poor cried, he cried.
    • Caesar leaves money in his will for the citizens.
  15. What persuasive devices does Antony use?
    • Repetition
    • The Will
    • Sarcasm
    • Logic and Reasoning
    • Crying 
    • Guilt
  16. What material objects does Antony use?
    The Will and Caesar's body
  17. What is the crowd's reaction after Antony speaks?
    The citizens feel guilty because now they know Caesar left stuff for them
  18. What shows Caesar is a good person?
    • He didn't want to lie to the citizens
    • Gave the citizens money
    • When Artemidorus gave him the letter that's personal, he puts it aside for later.
    • He made a decision that Puplious Cimber should be banished.
  19. What did Caesar leave the Citizens?/What does this show about him?
    • 75 Drachmas
    • Private arbors
    • new planted orchards

    he loved the citizens
  20. What do we find out when Antony talks to the servant?
    Octavious has returned (Caesar's nephew)
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