Nematodes Part II

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  1. Eggs, part of larvae and empty shell of Dictyocaulus arnfeldi. Lungworms of horses

  2. Name:
    • Dictyocaulus filaria
    • Lungworm of sheep, goats and deer

  3. Name:
    • Strongyloides papillosus
    • Intestinal threadworm of cattle, sheep and swine.
  4. Metastrongylus apri - Lungworms of pigs

  5. Name:
    • Strongyloides stercoralis
    • Intestinal threadworm of dogs, foxes, cats and man

  6. Found in
    Strongyloides larvae normally appear in freash feces of infected dogs - eggs are not usually seen.
  7. Strongyloides stercoralis X400
    • A = Strongyloides westeri
    • B = Strongyles sp. X100
  8. Strongyloides westeri - eggs are embryonated when laid

  9. Type
    • Strongyloides papillosus X100
    • "Intestinal threadworm" of cattle, sheep, goats and rabbits.
  10. Strongyloides papillosus - eggs are embryonated when laid

  11. Type
    • Spirocerca lupi
    • Esophageal worm of dogs and foxes
  12. Spirocerca lupi eggs X400
  13. Spirocerca nodules in the lumen of the esophagus. Adult worms are seen in the granulomous lesions.
  14. Sarcoma in the esophagus due to Spirocerca sp.
  15. Opened esophagus of a dog with 3 distinct nodules produced by Spirocerca sp.
    • Spirocerca eggs
    • A= low power B= high power
  16. Spirocerca lupi eggs containing fully formed larva. 
  17. What is the smallest embryonated ova seen in dog species?
    Spirocerca lupi

  18. Parasite of the _________ but can be found in _________.
    • Pearsonema plica
    • Urinary bladder; feces
  19. Pearsonema plica eggs X400

  20. Name
    Found in
    • Dioctophyma renale
    • Giant worm of dogs, foxes and occasionally man
    • Found in urinary sediment; may be found in feces contaminated with urine
  21. Eggs of Dioctophyma renale

  22. Name
    Found in
    • Eggs of Stephanurus dentatus
    • Kidney worm of swine
    • Eggs are found in urinary sediment and occasionally in feces.
  23. Eggs of Stephanurus dentatus X400

  24. Name
    • Eggs of Physaloptera praeputialis
    • Stomach worm of cats, dogs, foxes and wild felidae.
  25. Eggs of Physaloptera praeputialis X400

  26. Name:
    • Physaloptera rara
    • Stomach worm that contains an embryo when passed in the feces

  27. Name:
    • Eggs of Habronema muscae
    • Gastric nematode of horses
  28. Habronema muscae
  29. Eggs of Draschia megastoma. Eggs are from exudate in a gastric abscess, which contains adult worms.
    • Draschia megastoma - horse
    • Seen are larvae in the feces
  30. Chronic gastritis in a horse with numerous ulcers associated with Trichostrongylus axei
  31. Inflammation and catarrhal (pus) in the stomach caused by Trichostrongylus axei
    • Gasterophilus intestinalis in the stomach
    • Gasterophilus nasalis in the duodenum
  32. Submandibular edema "bottle jaw" in cow with parasitic gastritis

  33. Genus:
    • Eggs from Haemonchus sp
    • Stomach worm of cattle, goats and sheep

  34. Name:
    • Eggs of Haemonchus contortus
    • "Common or twisted" stomach worm of cattle, sheep and goats
  35. Haemonchus sp worms on the mucosal surface. Female worms resemble a barber pole.

  36. Name:
    • Ascarops strongylina
    • Stomach worm of swine

  37. Number of species
    • Strongyles sp eggs
    • Forty species have been reported from the large intestines of horse, asses and mules in North America.
    • 2 diff Strongyles sp. eggs
    • Strongylus vulgaris (left)
    • Strongylus edentatus (right)

  38. AKA/Nickname
    Found in
    • Eggs of Oxyuris equi
    • Rectal worm, Nocturnal worm and pinworm
    • Found in the feces, but exam of anal scraping is a more accurate method of diagnosis.
    • Oxyuris equi
    • Single opeculated

  39. Also called
    • Nematodirus spathigier - largest egg
    • Also called thread necked nematode of cattle, sheep and goats
  40. Eggs of Nematodirus spathiger

  41. Type
    • Eggs of Oesophagostomum sp.
    • Nodular worm of swine
  42. Eggs of Oesophagostomum sp.

  43. Classification
    • Eggs of Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus
    • Cestode
    • Thorny-headed worm of swine
    • Eggs of Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus
    • Embryo is surrounded by 3 shells
  44. Eggs of Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus
    • Dirofilaria immitis larvae (microfilaria) 
    • 1st stage of Heartworm infection in dogs, foxes, coyotes, wolves and cats
  45. Dirofilaria immitis larvae in blood
  46. Dirofilaria immitis. Larvae is straight because blood hemolyzed in 2% acetic acid.
  47. Lungworm of swine
    • Metastrongylus apri
    • Metastongylus salmi
    • Metastrongylus pudendodectus
    • Metastrongylus elongates
  48. Lungworm of horses
    Dictyocaulus arnfeldi
  49. Lungworm of sheep, goats, deer
    Dictyocaulus filaria
  50. Intestinal threadworm of cattle, sheep, swine, goats and rabbits
    Strongyloides papillosus
  51. Intestinal threadworm of dogs, foxes, cats and man
    Strongyloides stercoralis
  52. Intestinal threadworm of horses
    Strongyloides westeri
  53. Esophageal worm of dogs and foxes
    Spirocerca lupi
  54. Giant worm of dogs, foxes and occasionally man
    Dioctophyma renale
  55. Kidney worm of swine
    Stephanurus dentatus
  56. Stomach worm of cats, dogs, foxes and wild felidae
    Physaloptera praeputialis
  57. Gastric nematode of horses
    Habronema muscae
  58. 4 Stomach parasites of Ruminants
    • Haemonchus placei
    • Ostertagia ostertagi
    • Trichostrongylus axei
    • Haemonchus contortus
  59. "Common or twisted" stomach worm of cattle, sheep and goats
    Haemonchus contortus
  60. Stomach worm of swine
    • Ascarops strongylina
    • Hyostrongylus rubidus (red stomach worm)
    • Physocephalus sexalatus
  61. "Rectal worm" of horses
    Oxyuris equi
  62. Thread necked nematode of cattle, sheep, and goats
    Nematodirus spathiger
  63. Nodular worm of swine
    • Oesophagostomum dentatum
    • Oesophagastomum georgianum
    • Oesophagastomum brevicauderm

  64. Thorny-headed worm of swine
    Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus

  65. Condition & location caused by what parasite
    Aneurysm of the cranial mesenteric artery from 4th stage larvae of Strongylus vulgaris

  66. Condition and location of what parasite
    Hemorrhagic inflammation & necrosis of the cecum and ventral colon 2-3 weeks after infection with Strongylus vulgaris
  67. Gastrophilus intestinalis on hairs of forelimb at the knee

  68. Stage of parasite and route
    • 2nd stage of Gasterophilus intestinalis
    • Migration = hairs of the knee, then to the tongue, then to the stomach
  69. Onchocerca cervicalis

  70. Location and parasite
    Segments of ligamentum nuchae from lesions of Onchocerca cervicalis
  71. Large lesions of Draschia megastoma in the stomach wall of a horse
  72. 2 parasites that cause tumors
    • Spirocerca lupi
    • Draschia megastoma
    • Cutaneous habronemiasis
    • AKA summer sores - stomach worm
  73. Trichostrongylus axei eggs
  74. Thelazia lacrymalis (eyeworms) along the border of the nicitanation membrane.
  75. Typical stance of piperazine toxicosis syndrome
    • Helminth eggs - feces of cattle
    • Trichostrongylus axei
    • Trichuris ovis
    • Nematodirus spathiger
  76. Calf with ostertagiasis with submandibular edema (bottle jaw/anasarca) caused by stomach worm that causes emaciation & diarrhea.
  77. Marshallagia marshalli

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