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  1. orchiopexy
    surgery to fix undecended testes (cryptorchidsm)
  2. Peyronie disease
    • painful fiber hardening
    • making penis curve weird
  3. balanitis
    inflammaion of penis
  4. aspermia
    inabelit to secrete or ejaculate sperm
  5. azoospermia
    semen witout living sperm
  6. olgospermia
    little production of sperm
  7. mucopurulent dishcarge
    drainage of mucus and pus
  8. cystocele
    pouching of bladder into vagina
  9. rectocele
    pouching of the rectum into th vagina
  10. enterocele
    pouching sac of peritoneum between vagina and rectum
  11. prolapse
    decent of the uerus down the vaginal canal
  12. amenorrhea
    absense of menstruation
  13. anovulation
    absense of ovulation
  14. dysmenorrhea
    painful menstruation
  15. dyspareunia
    painful intercourse
  16. menorrhagia
    ecsessive bleeding during period
  17. dermoid cyst
    • tumor made of teeth, bone or cartilage
    • more commmon in ovary
  18. fibroid, fibromyoma, leiomyoma
    • benign tumor in uterus
    • made of muscle and fibers
  19. cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN)
    abnormal development of cervical tissue
  20. Endomiritis, endomiosis
    • portions of endometrial tissue migrte to the uteris
    • inflammation of the endometrium
  21. oophoritis
    inflammation of ovaries
  22. parovarian cyst
    cyst of the fallopian tubes
  23. chorionic villus sampling(CVS)
    samling of placenta tissue when babies are super small
  24. amniocentesis
    testing of amniotic fluid for fetal abnormalities
  25. syphilis
    • infecion that has bloody pimples on your thing
    • caused by spirochete
  26. gonorrhea
    inflammation of the genital mucous membranes.
  27. HPV
    genital warts
  28. Polythelia
    more than one nipple
  29. polymastia
    more than 2 breasts
  30. cervical neopplasia
    abnormal cervical tissue cells
  31. gravita
    currently pregnant/
  32. para
    how many deliveries before
  33. renal pelvis
    part of the kidney that connects to the ureter
  34. urethrocystits
    inflammation of the urethra and bladder
  35. urethral senosis
    narrowing of the urethra
  36. hypchondraic region
    upper lateral regioni beneath the ribs
  37. epigastric region
    uper middle reion below the sternum
  38. lumbar regions
    middle leateral region
  39. umbilical reion
    region f the navel
  40. inguinal regions
    lowe lateral roin region
  41. hypogastric region
    region below the navel
  42. intravenous pyelogram
    xray of he urinary tract
  43. Kidney ureter bladder, KUB
    xray of those before IVP
  44. retrograde pyelogram
    • x-ray of upper uranary tract
    • detect stones or obstruction
  45. extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy(ESWL)
    ultrasound to break down a kidney stone
  46. nephrolithiasis
    kidney stones
  47. eructation
  48. melena
    dark colored stool caused by blood
  49. stomatitis
    inflammation of the mouth
  50. sialoadenitis
    inflammation of te salivary gland
  51. parotitis (parotiditis
    inflammation of the parotid gland, also called mumps
  52. cheilitis
    inflimmation of he lip
  53. glossitis
    inflammation of the tongue
  54. gingivitis
    inflammation of he gums
  55. esopagitis
    inflamation of the esophagus
  56. gastritis
    inflamation of the stomach
  57. ascites
    accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity
  58. dysphagia
    difficult swallowing
  59. diverticulum
    abnormal side pocket in the stomach
  60. diverticulosis
    precence of divertucla in the gi expecially in the bowel
  61. divericulitis
    inflammation of the diverticula
  62. abdominocenesis (paracentesis)
    puncture of the abdomen for aspiration of fluid
  63. gastrectomy
    partial or complete removal of the stomach
  64. stool with bright red blood
    lower gI tract problem
  65. stool with dark red blood
    upper gi track problem
  66. cholelithiasis
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