Religion chapter 16

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  1. In World War 2 Hitlers forces overran much of ____________, and both _____ and ________ armies invaded parts of _________.
    Europe, and both German and Italian armies invaded parts of Africa
  2. Why did the U.S ever join the war?
    Because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7 1941.
  3. Where did Japan's armies and navy move to?
    Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia
  4. Who strongly criticized  the Nazis and spoke out against communism in the post war years?
    Pope Pius XII
  5. What was the Iron Triad?
    division of countries liberated by British and American troops in Western Europe by countries liberated by the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe.
  6. Describe the Western Europe and Eastern Europe situations after the Iron Triad came?
    Western Europe passed laws to improve rights of workers and give people access to better housing and health care. Eastern Europe, Catholics were subject o persecution and convicted of treason.
  7. By 1949 persecution of Catholics began in _____ when communists seized control.
  8. Who was the first Catholic President elected of the U.S.
    John F Kennedy
  9. _________________ was elected pope following the death of Pius XII. What was this persons intention?
    • Pope John XXIII
    • Intention to bring the church up to date and returning to the sources
  10. What did Pope John XXIII want his bishops to do?
    Study the unchanging truths of the faith and communicate those truths in ways understandable to people in the modern world.
  11. What were the two greatest social justice encyclicals?Why were they called?
    1961Mater Et Magistra (Mother and Teacher) and 1963 Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) Called to wealthy societies and developing ones, called for peace among nations in an age of weapons of mass destruction.
  12. What pope called the Second Vatican Council  How many sessions was it? What was the purpose of calling the ecumenical council.
    John XXIII 4 sessions           to bring the church up to date and refer back to the sources, church fathers and scriptures. Also the Bishops were to spread the unchanging truth in the modern world
  13. Who took over after John XXII died after the 1st session?
    Pope Paul VI
  14. The natural desire to belong and to fit in with others id a strong influence in every persons life. What is this influence?
    Peer Pressure
  15. Our desire for having friends and belonging to others is so strong that we can even seek a sense of belonging in a __________ way
  16. Their are some people who abuse the use of ___________ ___________.
    social networking
  17. Be __________ about not joining groups that routinely bring harm to their own members and others.
  18. Teens choose role models that are both _______members and members who have _______.
    living                                 died
  19. what did the pope create for the US during WWII
    He appointed an archbishop for the military services of the US to organize chaplains throughout the armed forces to ensure where ever men and women were serving there would be priests.
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