Digestion notes 5-14-13

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  1. The cells in all parts of our body use food for energy. The process, called _____, breaks food down into pieces small enough for the body to use effectively. This food, when properly digested, will be used by all of the body's cells
  2. The food we eat contains many substances that are necessary for good health. These chemicals, used by the body to stay healthy, are known as _____. Some foods contain more of these substances that others
  3. Let us look at three primary nutrients. The first nutrient, known as _____, is found in such foods as chicken, milk meat and fish. This nutrient makes up the body cells and is used by the body to promote growth
  4. Another important nutrient is used by the body for fuel and a source of energy. _____ is found in common foods such as pasta, rice, bread and fruit. These foods contain this nutrient, and are ultimately used by the body's cells to supply energy for our daily activities
  5. Another nutrient, a common one found in many of the foods we eat, is known as _____, and is available in butter, meat, cheese and ice cream. This nutrient, in small amounts, makes up part of the cell membranes
  6. The process of digestion starts when we begin to eat. The first place in which digestion starts is the _____, where food is chewed and ground into smaller and smaller pieces. It is important that you take the time to properly chew your food for good digestion
  7. Food must move through the digestive tract in order to be properly digested. Food moves from the mouth through a tube called the _____, which connects the mouth to the stomach. The food is pushed through this tube by muscular contractions
  8. Food must be chemically broken down to be used by the cells as energy. In the ____, the food is churned and gastric juices are added to continue the digestive process. Substances known as enzymes also play an important part in this chemical breakdown
  9. Next, food travels to another important organ of the digestive tract. The _____ receives food from the stomach. In an adult, this long tube stretches to about 23 feet in length, and is lined with tiny, hairlike projections known as villi. There are blood vessels in the villi that absorb the food to be used by all of the body's cells
    Small intestine
  10. The final organ of the digestive tract is located int he lower portion of the body. The _____ receives any undigested food and water. In this organ, water and unused food are eliminated from the body through the anus
    Large intestine
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