3DX5X Unit 2 Review

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  1. Offensive operations support U.S. cyberspace objectives by:
    denying, degrading, disruption, destroying, or altering the adversary's ability to use cyberspace
  2. what refers to a centralized systems which monitor and control industrial sites, or complexes of systems spread out over large areas?
    supervisory control and data acquisition
  3. which center has the overall authoritative source for the status, control and defense of Air Force networks?
    Air Force Network Operations Center (AFNOC)
  4. What center is typically aligned under the base communications squadron, provides Tier 3 (local level) on-site, and implements technical and physical network changes?
    Network Control Center (NCC)
  5. What function or organization has a mission that varies from providing small flyaway communication packages to rapidly deploying Expeditionary Air Base (EAB) communications packages?
    Combat Communications Squadron (CCS)
  6. What function or organization was established to operate with an air expeditionary task force (AETF)?
    Expeditionary Communications Squadron (ECS)
  7. What function or organization has the goal to manage AF core services, within the AFNetOps community to; reduce training, maintenance costs; increase operational flexibility and capacity to the warfighter?
    Enterprise Service Unit (ESU)
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