Goljan Hematology

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  1. Normocytic anemia - give MCV range
    80 - 100
  2. Time it takes for reticulocyte to become mature RBC

    Time it takes for bone marrow to respond by making more reticulocytes
    24 hrs

    5-7 days
  3. Correcting reticulocyte count for anema - give the equation

    What is an increased reticulocyte count?
    (Hct / 45) x reticulocyte ct

    e.g. if Hct is 15% and reticulocyte ct is 9% -> corrected retic count is 3%

    less than 3% is bad response
  4. Stain used to see black RNA filaments in reticulocyte

    What do these imply?
    giemsa stain

    reticulocyte is still synthesizing Hb
  5. How long until polychromasia reticulocytes mature to RBC?

    What correction do you make to reticulocyte count if polychromasia is present?
    2-3 days

    divide by 2
  6. Numerical relationship between Hct and Hb

    For every unit of tranfused packed RBCs, how much does Hb and Hct increase by?

    Most common cause of anemia worldwide?
    Hct / 3 = Hb

    e.g. if Hct is 15% -> Hb is 5

    for every unit transfused, Hb increases by 1 and Hct increases by 3%

    e.g. pt w/ 5g of Hb, given 3 units of packed RBCs. The following day Hb is 6g and Hct is 18g. Is this an appropriate response? No, should've been Hb 8 and Hct 24. Pt had GI bleed.

    • Most common cause of anemia: Fe deficiency
    • Most common cause of Fe def: GI bleed
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