Vocabulary Final

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  1. Sobriquet
  2. Cachet
    Seal to mark official approval
  3. Ad Infinitum
    Without end, endlessly
  4. Halcyon
    Calm peacefully
  5. Eddete
    Lost character, strength, valve
  6. Feckless
    Lacking in efficendy
  7. Ameliorate
    Make something better
  8. Tantamount
    Equivalent in seriousness, equal.
  9. Sophistry
    Fallacious Argument
  10. Nefarious
    Wicked or criminal
  11. Braggadocio
    Arrogant Behavior
  12. Apropos
    Fitting at right time
  13. Conundrum
    Confusing and difficult problem.
  14. Largess
    Generous bestowal of gifts
  15. Pernicous
    Causing insidious harm.
  16. Sine quanon
    Elements or factors
  17. Malinger
    to pretend illness
  18. diingerous
    lacking frankness or sincerity
  19. Beleaguer
    To surround with military force
  20. impugn
    to challenge or focus, cast doubt
  21. Chicanery
    Tricky or deseption
  22. Visceral
    Characterized by or proceeding form
  23. Dalliance
    Trifling away of time
  24. Ribald
    Vulgar or indecent speech
  25. Pastiche
    Literary, music, artistic
  26. Proselytize
    To convert or atemp to vonvert
  27. Tractable
    easily managed, controlable
  28. Tyrpitude
    Vile, shameful
  29. Proclivity
    Natural inclination
  30. Fractious
    Irritable and complaining.
  31. Histrionic
    Over-dramatic in reaction
  32. Lugibrious
    Extremely mournful, sad, gloomy.
  33. Melliflous
    Pleasant and soothing to listen.
  34. Intrasigent
    Refusing to agree.
  35. Mien
    Air, bearing as shown.
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