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  1. estoy
    I am
  2. estás
    you are
  3. está
    it is
  4. estamos
    we are
  5. estáis
    you (all) are
  6. están
    they are
  7. estuve
    I was
  8. estuviste
    you were
  9. estuvo
    it was
  10. estuvimos
    we were
  11. estuvisteis
    you (all) were
  12. estuvieron
    they were
  13. estaba
    I was (imp)
  14. estabas
    you were (imp)
  15. estaba
    it was (imp)
  16. estábamos
    we were (imp)
  17. estabais
    you (all) were (imp)
  18. estaban
    they were (imp)
  19. estaría
    I would be
  20. estarías
    you would be
  21. estaría
    it would be
  22. estaríamos
    we would be
  23. estaríais
    you (all) would be
  24. estarían
    they would be
  25. estaré
    I will be
  26. estarás
    you will be
  27. estará
    it will be
  28. estaremos
    we will be
  29. estaréis
    you (all) will be
  30. estarán
    they will be
  31. he estado
    I have been
  32. has estado
    you have been
  33. ha estado
    it has been
  34. hemos estado
    we have been
  35. habéis estado
    you (all) have been
  36. han estado
    they have been
  37. había estado
    I had been
  38. habías estado
    you had been
  39. había estado
    it had been
  40. habíamos estado
    we had been
  41. habíais estado
    you (all) had been
  42. habían estado
    they had been
  43. habré estado
    I will have been
  44. habrás estado
    you will have been
  45. habrá estado
    it will have been
  46. habremos estado
    we will have been
  47. habréis estado
    you (all) will have been
  48. habrán estado
    they will have been

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verb tenses

estar conjugations: p,pp,imp,f,prpcomp,plcp,fcomp.
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