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  1. Exhibiting with the Impressionists ______________________’s painting The Boating Party, with its flat planes, broad areas of color, bold lines and shapes, illustrates the artist’s interest in French Impressionism with elements of Japanese art. 
    a. George Seurat          b. Vincent van Gogh          c. Mary Cassatt
    c. Mary Cassatt
  2. As we enter the 20th century artists wanted “to make it new,” they believed in Innovation and a Rejection of the Past. In the arts there is the breakdown and/or rejection of traditional systems of representation and the proliferation of experimental avant-garde groups; and the emergence of socialist, feminist and anti- or post-colonial politics.
    a. True           b. False
    a. True
  3. What set the Fauves apart from their nineteenth-century predecessors was their use of harsh, non-descriptive color, bold liner patterning, and a distorted form of perspective, as seen in __________________________’s painting Red Room.
    a. Henri Matisse          b. Wassily Kandinsky          c. Pablo Picasso
    a. Henri Matisse
  4. Wanting to capture pure plastic rhythm in his bronze Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, _______________sought to convey the elusive surging energy that blurs an image in motion.
    a. Pablo Picasso        b. Umberto Boccioni        c. Constantin Brancusi        
    d. Salvador Dalí
    b. Umberto Boccioni
  5. Adopting the movement of Surrealism, ____________’s painting The Persistence of Memory conveys the world of dream, juxtaposing unrelated objects in an extraordinary situation.
    a. Pablo Picasso        b. Umberto Boccioni        c. Constantin Brancusi        
    d. Salvador Dalí
    d. Salvador Dali
  6. Walked across canvases dripping and splashing paint, whose nickname was “Jack the Dripper”
    a. Jackson Pollock        b. Francis Bacon        c. Robert Rauschenberg        d. Andy Warhol
    a. Jackson Pollock
  7. _______________________ introduced a kind of construction referred to as combine painting in which stuffed animals, bottles, articles of clothing and furniture, and scraps of photographs are attached to the canvas.
    a. Jackson Pollock        b. Francis Bacon        c. Robert Rauschenberg        d. Andy Warhol   
    c. Robert Rauschenberg
  8. Modernist art emphasizes the accord and autonomous aspect of an artist and a work of art, whereas __________________ art emphasizes the fusion of the work of art and its intricate interconnectedness to its milieu.
    a. Neo-Expressionist          b. Post-Modernist          c. Post-Fusionist
    b. Post-Modernist
  9. As we consider works of art in the 21st century, we will add to our critical rubric concepts such as:
    a.  hybridity b. all of these choices c. high art and low culture d. appropriation e. post-colonialism.
    b. All of the choices
  10. “yBa” generation (young British artists) artist ________ makes conceptual and installation art that aims to challenge traditional aesthetics, ethics, morality, and taste.  a. Takashi Murakami          b. Jeff Koons           c. Damien Hirst
    c. Damien Hirst
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