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  1. Explain Nature with the following key words
    Links, genes, physical health, things may not turn out certain way. Influence, Phenotype, Genotype, Research scientists, Genetic Map or blue print

    • ·         Clear links between genes and physical health, but even with these clear links things may not turn out a certain way. ·         Can still influence nature with nurture.
    • ·         Phenotype- physical appearance ·         Genotype – DNA sequence which codes for a body trait. Research and modern laboratory techniques have allowed scientists to work out specific DNA sequences for genes otherwise referred to as a ‘Genetic Map or blue print’ of the body.
  2. Explain Nurture with the following key words
    Potential, Poor parenting skills, stable environment, Children explore, stages of development.
    • Concept of nurture (point 1) Socialisation
    • ·         Have the potential to learn responses from interactions with significant others
    • ·         Poor parenting skills leading to neglect and abuse- impact on a child’s development- influence behaviour
    • ·         In order for children to reach full potential and make the most of life- must be brought up in a stable environment. Loved, well fed, kept safe, warm and stimulated. ·         Child will explore and gradually learn to develop and adapt responses appropriate to any give situation as they go through the stages of development.
  3. Explain Nurture with the following key words
    Environmental factors and social influences, development, impact, behaviour, foetal infant relies on mother, infections, pregnancy, behaviour, life, Disruption, society, impact. Enviroment, social factors, no clear answer
    • Concept of nurture (point 2) Environmental factors and social influences.
    • ·         During the course of development may factors can potential impact on behaviour
    • ·         During foetal life infant relies on mother to look after herself
    • ·         Infections during pregnancy can impact on the health of the foetus potentially impacting on behaviour in later life.
    • ·         Disruption within society can also impact on potential behaviour patterns- leads to a loss of stability and order within society.
    • ·         Interactions with others as well as environmental and social factors may also influence how an individual will respond to any given situation. There is no clear answer some theorists say its nature over nurture, others say its nurture over nature.
  4. Why is psychology important in care?
    • Knowledge of psychology allows the care worker to incorporate theory in to everyday practice
    • ·         Behaviour can be learned from observing others. Care workers must always be a positive role model as the client will observing their behaviour.
    • ·         Important to establish a trusting relationship between client and care giver. ·         Praise and encourage- positive reinforcement tool can improve confidence and self esteem, particularly when aiming to achieve realistic goals. Very important ones individuals needs have been identified and a programme of care is being devised. ·         Provides insight into the emotional impact into the experiences of change loss/bereavement in life. Care workers deal with transition on a regular basis. Positive care environment- supportive environment which offers positive role models who incorporate the basic care values and principles into their everyday practice
  5. Explain Erikson's lifespan
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