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  1. Authentication provides the first line of security protection in SNMP. While Authorisation proides the second line of security protection. Discuss in detail how SNMP implements both concepts when a Management Station attempts to access a Management Agent's MIB
    The management agent has to have the community name in its database, so that when the management station comes along we create a community name for authentication, then the agent has a look into its database, and if it is the same value that is specified in its database it gets authenticated. Once the authentication has taken place the next stage is that the management station would like to view those objects that are in the MIB. What sorts of views do we give to the management station, does it have exclusive rights to all the objects to be able to write, read, and modify as it pleases or do we limit the rights
  2. Which layer of the OSI Reference Model contains SNMP
    Application Layer Protocol
  3. What is the function of the MIB on the Management station
    The function of the MIB station is to provide object identifier which are used in VarBind Pairs in the Get-Request PDU
  4. What fields does the VarBindList in the SNMP PDU contain and what is the content of those fields
    Variable ID: Which is an object identifier in the SMI

    Variable Values: Contains values such as IP address, integers and strings.
  5. What is the purpose of the Trap command
    The trap is an automated packet from an SNMP Agent Process. Its purpose is to inform the NMS on the management station of an event that occurred on the management agent hosting the Agent Process. Such an event could be that the Management agent is powered up
  6. Why is there a need for proprietary MIB
    Proprietary MIB provide objects specific to a device and that provide more detailed management information. Standard MIBs cannot provide such specialized objects for so many devices
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