psych220 ch 11

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  1. Stress: Portrait of a Killer (film)
    Stress response becomes more (1)________ than the (2)______ ________.
    • 1. damaging
    • 2. actual stressor
  2. Stress: Portrait of a Killer (film)
    In the Whitehall Study, in England, what was measured?
    The impact of rank on stress.
  3. What was the result of the Whitehall Study?
    The higher your rank, the less likely you were to have heart disease, lessened stress hormones, and less likely to call in sick from work.
  4. Are ulcers created by stress?
    • No, ulcers are created by a bacteria.
    • HOWEVER, the bacteria increases when a person is under stress since the immune system is compromised.
  5. Eustress
    the effect of positive events, or the optimal amount of stress that people need to promote health and well-being.
  6. College Undergraduate Stress Scale (CUSS)
    assessment that measures the amount of stress in a college student's life over a one year period resulting from major life events
  7. Hassles
  8. What part of the nervous system reactions to stress?
    Autonomic Nervous System
  9. What are the two parts of the Autonomic Nervous System?
    • Sympathetic System
    • Parasympathetic System
  10. Autonomic Nervous System: Sympathetic System
    • responds to stressful events
    • fight or flight
  11. Autonomic Nervous System: Parasympathetic System
    restore the body to normal functioning after the stress has ceased
  12. General Adaptation Syndrome
    describes the body's short-term and long-term reactions to stress
  13. What are the three stages of General Adaptation Syndrome?
    • Alarm Stage
    • Resistance Stage
    • Exhaustion Stage
  14. General Adaptation Syndrome: Alarm Stage
    • Sympathetic nervous system is activated by adrenal glands
    • Pupils enlarge
    • Forehead, neck, shoulder, arm, and leg muscles contract
    • Accelerated heart rate increases blood flow to muscles; blood pressure increases
    • Sugar is released into the bloodstream for energy
  15. General Adaptation Syndrome: Resistance Stage
    • Forehead, neck, shoulder, arm, and leg muscles contract
    • Breathing is frequent and shallow
    • Blood pressure remains high
    • Hormones from adrenal glands are released into bloodstream
  16. General Adaptation Syndrome: Exhaustion Stage
    • Liver runs out of sugar
    • Prolonged muscle tension causes fatigue
  17. Stress and Personality: Type A
    ambitious, time conscious, extremely hardworking, high levels of hostility and anger, easily annoyed
  18. Stress and Personality: Type B
    relaxed and laid-back, less driven and competitive than Type A, and slow to anger
  19. Stress and Personality: Type C
    • pleasant, but repressed; gets mad, but does not let it out.
    • Persons with Type C personality correlated to people that get/have cancer.
  20. Stress and Personality: Hardy
    • Commitment- sense of self, direction and place in life
    • Control- personal agency, internal locus of control
    • Challenge- looked at change as expected, and normal. A challenge to overcome but not a stressor.
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