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  1. what is the most important river in india?
    ganges river
  2. The Huang He river is named for:
    its muddy yellow silt
  3. What river runs through China, Thailand, Laos, and Veitnam?
    Mekong river
  4. What is asias largest desert?
    gobi desert
  5. What is the worlds highest mountain region?
    Himalayan Mountains
  6. Why is the Ganges river polluted?
    untreated sewage pours into it
  7. A major environmental problem in China and India is:
    air pollution
  8. This seasonal wind can bring heavy rainfall that leads to flooding:
  9. About 90% of chinas population lives in this part of the country:
    eastern China
  10. the most crowded urban area in the world is:
  11. many people in southeast asia are farmers living near:
  12. These are very congested in cities in india and china:
  13. This religion originated in india and follows the teachings of one man:
  14. This religion is unique to japan:
  15. about 80% of indias people follow this religion:
  16. This religion is based on the teachings of muhammad:
  17. this philosophy is the foundation of modern Chinese culture:
  18. what type of government does india have?
  19. what type of government does china have?
  20. What type of government does Japan have?
    constitutional monarchy
  21. what country has a command economy?
    north korea
  22. which countries economic reforms have led to excellent growth?
  23. Which country has few natural resources but a strong economy?
  24. this practice encourages trade between countries:
  25. the U.S. added a tax onto steel imports.  This is an example of a:
  26. Converting currencys from one country into that of another country is called:
    foriegn exchange
  27. GDP stands for:
    Gross Domestic Product
  28. schools in india teach this language to students:
  29. this factor influences economic growth by creating new buisnesses:
  30. half of this countries land is arable, which is a tremendous natural resource:
  31. india broke free from this countrys rule in 1947:
    great britain
  32. who urged nonviolent protests to gain indias independence?
    mohandas gandhi
  33. who created a guerrilla army to fight the French for Vietnams independence?
    Ho Chi Minh
  34. Who established the communist peoples republic of china in 1949?
  35. the U.S. helped rebuild the country and its economy after WW2:
  36. this program was designed to make farming more productive in china by creating collective farms:
    Great Leap Forward
  37. this program was designed to stop opposition to the chinese communist party:
    cultural revolution
  38. the U.S. interferied in korea and veitnam to stop the spread of:
  39. today this place has a communist north and republic south:
  40. chinese protesters were killed here in 1989:
    tiananmen square
  41. what desert covers most of northern africa?
  42. what is africas transition zone between desert and rainforest?
  43. what african landform has rolling grassland and scattered trees?
  44. located in africa, what is the longest lake in the world?
    lake tanganyika
  45. what desert is located in southern africa?
    kalahari desert
  46. located in africa, what is the worlds longest river?
    nile river
  47. what mountain range is located in northern africa?
  48. what is the largest lake in africa?
    lake victoria
  49. which african river near the equator is located in the tropical rainforest?
    congo river
  50. which river is the principle river in western africa?
    Niger  river
  51. what is a result of desertifaction?
    soil loses its ability to hold water, nutrients washes away
  52. what is desertification?
    spread of desert area
  53. what is a cause of desertification?
    desert spreading, slash and burn
  54. most of africas population:
    lives near rivers, lake, or coastline
  55. the 2 main religious groups in africa are:
    muslim and christain
  56. an example of an ethnic group is:
    arab and ashanti (answers may vary)
  57. most african languages can be traced to:
    bantu of long ago
  58. high literacy rate usually leads to:
    high standard of living
  59. the literacy rate in africa is:
    40% or higher for men than women (low for women)
  60. this type of goverment is a loose alliance:
  61. one leader holds complete power in this government.
  62. control rests with a small group in this government
  63. the legistature holds the power in this system.
  64. Kenya's government is a:
  65. which country has a dictator?
  66. an example is a:
    starting a new business (computer repair)
  67. who gets better access to school in africa?
  68. what has led to famine in africa?
    repeated drought, AIDS, infertile soil
  69. this economic system is based on supply and demand.
  70. what country has the strongest economy in africa?
    south africa
  71. this trade barrier is a tax placed on imported goods.
  72. an example of a capital investment is :
    build a factory
  73. the european division of africa caused:
    tribal conflicts, civil was, desire for independence
  74. a strong belief in ones country is:
  75. in 1963, kenya acheived independence from:
    british empire
  76. more than 250 ethnic groups make up this country:
  77. apartheid seperated blacks and whites in:
    south africa
  78. who was imprisoned for resisting apartheid?
    nelson mandela
  79. the goal of the pan-african movement was to:
    unite africans to solve africas problems
  80. this country has lots of oil, but its people are very poor
  81. What rivers flow like twin rivers through turkey and Iraq?
    Tigris and Euphrates
  82. What narrow waterway is an important shipping channel for oil?
    Straight of HormuzHormuz
  83. What are the latitude and longitude of a point called?
  84. What are 3 major water problems in the middle east?
    Water shortages, unequal distributions, pollution
  85. What are 3 main oil- producing middle eastern countries?
    Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia
  86. Over the last 50 years, residents have been leaving the nomadic life to live here:
  87. Efficient rapid transit systems would help solve these transportation problems:
    Crowded roads and air pollution
  88. What are groups indentified on the basis of religion, race, or national origin?
    Ethnic groups
  89. What ethnic groups lives in the mountains of turkey and Iraq?
  90. What group is both an ethnic group and religious group?
  91. What are 3 prominent religions in the Middle East?
    Judaism, Islam, Christianity
  92. Where do almost Ll middle eastern jews live?
  93. What are 2 major groups off Muslims?
    Sunnis and shiites
  94. There is usually a high correlation between the standard of living and:
    The literacy rate
  95. The state of isreal was established in:
  96. A government controlled by a religious leader is a:
  97. An example of human rights and personal freedoms would be:
    Right to vote and choose employment
  98. What 2 challenges does israel face in building it's economy?
    National security and immigration
  99. The government controlled everything in a _______ economy.
  100. What type of economy does Israel have:
  101. This is a tax on imported goods:
  102. This is restriction on the amount of a good that can vibe imported:
  103. This forbids trade with another country:
    Trade embargo
  104. What organization was formed in 1960 by 5 oil-rich countries?
  105. The type of money used by a country is called:
  106. When a company educates and trains its people, it is:
    Investing in human capital
  107. When a country invests in transportation systems and power plants, it is:
    Investment in capital
  108. A country with crumbling bridges and damaged roads is demonstrating:
    Lack of capital investment
  109. This person has an idea for a good or service and takes the risk to produce it:
  110. What large empire broke up after WWI?
    Ottoman empire
  111. Which 2 countries divided the Middle East into countries after WWI?
    Britain and France
  112. A major conflict in the Middle East is between Arab states and:
  113. During WWII, 6 million Jews were killed in what is called the:
  114. The movement to unite displaced Jews and settle them in Palestine was called?
  115. Who wanted to rid the world of "it's Jewish problem"?
    Adolfo hitlor
  116. Prejudice against jews is known as: I
  117. Which country did saddan hussein rule?
  118. Iraq invaded kuwait and international forces joined to help Kuwait in this war:
    Persian gulf war
  119. When did terrorists attack the World Trade Center in NYC?
  120. What country did U.S forces enter to look for terrorist leader Osama bin laden?
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