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  1. Assuming you think Remote Network Management is important, write down three reasons why a network management strategy is needed ?
    To determine how to do the desired management without excessive use of bandwidth 

    To decide which are the most important objects to manage

    To be able to decide which management tools will be the best fit to the strategy

    To evaluate the trade off of cost versus strategy and implementation
  2. Briefly state three reasons why a Network implementation strategy is needed?
    Implementation of a network is costly

    The network needs to fit the business of the organization

    The network needs to be able to scale with technology and organizational size
  3. The ISO has defined 5 categories of Network Management. Clearly state all 5 categories and provide a practical example for each category.
    Fault Management: Identifying no packets are being transmitted by a switch port

    Capacity Management: Comparing the specified throughput of a router with the number of packets it is receiving in a given time

    Accounting Management: Identifying the cost centres with bandwidth use

    Performance Management: Timing the throughput of an application request of a server

    Security Management: Identifying the location of a source sending undesirable packets
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