Family Code

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  1. On receipt of an original or modified protective order from the cler of the issuing court, a law enforcement agency shall immediately, but ot later than the ___ day after the date the order is received, enter the information required into the system.
  2. A temporary ex parte order is valid for the period specified in the order, not to exceed ___ days.
    20 days
  3. The primary duties of a peace officer who investigate a family violence allegation or who responds to a disturbance call are to:
    • 1. Protect any potential victim of family violence
    • 2. Enforce the law of this state
    • 3. enforce a protective order from another jurisdiction
    • 4. Make lawful arrests of violators
  4. On the request of an applicant or on the court's own motion, a temporary ex-parte order may be extended for an additional ____ days
  5. The court, at the court's discretion, may dispense with the necessity of a bond for a temporary ex parte order.
  6.    How long is a protective order good for?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
    • 1. for the period stated in the order, not to exceed two years
    • 2. if a period is not stated in the order, until the 2nd anniversary of the date the order is issued.
    • 3. If a personis in prison on the date the protective order would expire, the order is extended, and the order expires on the 1st anniversary of the date the person is released from prison.
  7. "Foreign protective order" is:
    means a protective order issued by a tribunal of another state
  8. a court, agency or other entity authorized by law to issue or modify a protective order is a:
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