Principals of Food and Beverage Cost Control

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  1. Cost of Food Consumed
    The cost of food issued plus or minus all adjustments.
  2. Cost of Food Issued
    The sum of opening inventory and purchases, minus the value of closing inventory
  3. Cost of Food Sold
    Cost of food consumed, minus cost of employees' meals.
  4. Steward Sales
    The dollar value of foods from inventory sold at cost.
  5. Total Inventory
    The sum of opening and closing inventories.
  6. Gratis to Bar
    The value of foods given away without charge at the bar.
  7. Inventory Turnover
    The ratio of food or beverages sold to average inventory.
  8. Closing Inventory
    Inventory at the end of a period.
  9. Opening Inventory
    Inventory at the beginning of a period.
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