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  1. Artist:
    Thomas Hart Benton
  2. Artist:
    Thomas Hart Benton
  3. Artist:
    Grant Wood
  4. Artist:
    Grant Wood
  5. Artist:
    Grant Wood
  6. Artist:
    Grant Wood
  7. Artist:
    Edward Hopper
  8. Artist:
    Edward Hopper
  9. Artist:
    Edward Hopper
  10. Artist:
    Edward Hopper
  11. Artist:
    Edward Hopper
  12. Artist:
    Jackson Pollock
  13. Artist:
    Jackson Pollock
  14. Artist:
    Jackson Pollock
  15. Artist:
    Jackson Pollock
  16. Artist:
    Arshile Gorky
  17. Artist:
    Arshile Gorky
  18. Artist:
    Arshile Gorky
  19. Artist:
    Mark Rothko
  20. Artist:
    Mark Rothko
  21. Artist:
    Mark Rothko
  22. Artist:
    Robert Raushenberg
  23. Artist:
    Robert Raushenberg
  24. Artist:
    Robert Raushenberg
  25. Artist:
    Robert Raushenberg
  26. Artist:
    Robert Raushenberg
  27. Ash Can School
    • Robert Henri
    • George Bellows
    • - Urban city life paintings submitted into National Academy Design were rejected.
    • - Displayed in galleries and viewed as trash, ugly and unpleasant.
    • -Avant-Garde of modernism.
  28. Armory Show (International Exhibition of Modern Art)
    • -European art mixed with American Art
    • -Paintings hanging side by side comparing American art to European art reinforced the general American audience's negative attitude toward "foreigners" (Europeans) as immigration was very prevalent during this time.
    • -European art was mocked. Americans didn't understand their art so they didn't like it.
  29. Alfred Stieglitz
    Promoted photography as an accepted form of fine art with the Little Gallery of Photo Secession (291 5th Ave.)
  30. W.P.A. (Works Progress Administration)
    • -Hired out of work artist during the depression to paint murals in government sponsored buildings (Libraries, train stations, etc.) in order to keep American art alive.
    • -Created a collaboration of art between artists who've never met before.
    • -Artists encouraged each other while developing a sense of community for artists and shared ideas together.
  31. Museum of Modern Art, New York
    • Started by Lillie Bliss.
    • -Art collector who was frustrated with lack of modern art in American museums.
    • -Exhibited modern art in museums, but no one liked it. No audience for it.
    • -Opens her own modern art gallery
    • -Appreciation of modern art grows when modern art museums open. Avant-garde painters are encouraged.
  32. The Irascible 18
    - Group of abstract expressionists.
  33. Black Mountain College
    • -An institution for experimental avant-garde art for a new generation of young artists.
    • -A place for nontraditional, revolutionary behavior and attitude about art.
  34. Regionalism
    • -Art movement that expressed the rural lifestyle of America.
    • -Murals and paintings showed a prosperous America.
    • -Was an escapism from a depressing time in America.
  35. Abstract Expressionism - Action Painting
    • -Artwork that is spontaneously painted by splashing, smearing, or dripping onto the canvas that represents the action of painting itself.
    • -Jackson Pollock
  36. Abstract Expressionism - Color Field Painting
    • -Solid colors painted largely across the canvas
    • -Mark Rothko
  37. Pop Art
    • -A new generation of artists' response to a new age of popular culture.
    • -Immediately well received because it's subjects were easily recognizable as American public liked realism. Objects they can identify with.

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