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  1. Define the term Network Management and provide two suitable examples of Network Management Tools?
    Network management requires the deployment of network management tools to monitor and control network resources. Network Management tasks cover areas such as security, configuration management and network inventory maintenance. Network Management tasks are often automated through the use of monitoring and reporting utilities. 

    Examples of management tools are: Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Management Information Base(MIB)
  2. Define the following Network Management Vocabulary, and with the aid of Protocol Stack diagram illustrate Management Station and Management Agent Communication?
    Management Station: A single computer used to monitor access, control and the configuration of other devices on the network. It uses a hosting management software called Network Management System (NMS)

    Management Agent: This is the managed device, hosting software that provides access to information about the device

    Management Process: Program on the management station, servicing the management application program, which interfaces to the network management protocol (SNMP)

    Agent Process: A program that accesses information requested by a network management application. Also an interface to SNMP
  3. What is the primary advantage to Web-based management?
    The primary advantage to Web-based management is that no special management or agent software is required. The management client is a Web Browser and the agent is a Web Server stored in a flash memory on the device. Having a Web Server, a device can be managed from any computer on the network
  4. What does a device require in order to be managed this way?
    Web-based management requires that the device to be managed has a web server installed. This installation is convenient for routers, switches and servers that have a flash memory module.
  5. When you access a web server on any device using its IP address, why do you receive its web page?
    Becuase of the http, the role of the http is to deliver the web page requested on the Internet
  6. If web-based management is not available, what approach other than SNMP might you take?
    Remote Access
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