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  1. Aft
    Direction or Movement: towards the rear ship
  2. After Part
    An area of a ship at the rear of the vessel
  3. Ahead
    Direction: an object in front of the ship
  4. Alleyway
  5. Amidships
    Center part of ship
  6. Astern
    • Motion: vessel going in reverse
    • Direction: object behind ship
  7. Beam
    Widest part of a ship
  8. Bottom
    Ship's side below the waterline
  9. Bow
    Front of the ship
  10. Bowse in
    Pull snugly against
  11. Bridge
    Navigating part of the ship
  12. Bulkhead
    A wall
  13. Cable
    Measure of distance at sea; 1/10 of a nautical mile (608 feet)
  14. Chief Engineer
    In charge of Engineering Department
  15. Chief Officer
    In charge of Deck Department
  16. Chief Steward
    In charge of Catering Department
  17. Companionway
    Steps above the hull from one deck to another
  18. Compartment
    A room or enclosed area
  19. Davit
    small crane usually on deck
  20. Deck
    floor on board a ship
  21. Deckhead
    A ceiling on board a ship
  22. Deck Department
    responsable vehicle loading, seamanship etc.
  23. Designated Person
    person ashore; link between the vessel's crew and shore management
  24. Duty Station
    A position assigned to an individual for each emergency situation
  25. EDN
    Emergency Duties Number
  26. Embarkation Deck
    Deck available for embarking or disembarking passengers to life rafts
  27. Emergency Duties Card
    A card in the MED record holder outlining emergency stations
  28. Emergency Duties Number
    a number indicating the employee's emergency duties
  29. Emergency Designation Number
    same as Emergency Duties Number
  30. EDN
    Emergency Duties Number
  31. Engineering Department
    operates propulsion and other electrical and mechanical systems
  32. Foc'sle
    Uppermost weather deck at bow (Forecastle)
  33. Fore and Aft Line
    Imaginary line running through a ship from front to back of ship
  34. Fore Part
    Area at the bow
  35. Forward
    towards bow area
  36. Funnel Deck
    Deck on top of Sun Deck
  37. Galley
  38. Grab Line
    A rope underneath a lifeboat running from side to side; assist in righting when capsized
  39. Hatch
    Door in a deck
  40. Hawse Pipe
    pipe where the anchor cable leads from foc'sle to anchor
  41. Heads
  42. Hull
    Main part of ship that contacts the water
  43. Inboard
    to move towards the fore and aft line
  44. Keel
    lowest part of the ship
  45. Knot
    • Measurement of speed at sea;
    • 1 Knot=1.85 Kph
  46. Ladder
    Steps outside leading from one deck to another
  47. Lifeline
    Life raft or life ring for people to hold onto
  48. Main Vehcile Deck
    Lowest Vehicle Deck
  49. Make fast
    To secure one object to another
  50. Master
    Captain; Person in control of ship
  51. Mate
    Chief Officer
  52. MES
    Marine Evacuation System; used to descend from deck to water
  53. Muster
    to gather together
  54. Muster List
    list of crew's emergency duties
  55. Near Miss
    A form of incident reporting to prevent accidents
  56. Nautical Mile
    Measurement of distance at sea; 1852 meters
  57. Outboard
    hanging outside
  58. Outer Deck
    any deck exposed to the elements
  59. Painter
    Rope attached to bow of ship
  60. Party
    crew members who have a specific group of duties
  61. PFD
    Personal Floatation Device ( does not hold persons head above water)
  62. Port Bow
    Left forward
  63. Port Quarter
    Left side backward
  64. Port
    left side of ship when facing bow
  65. Promenade Deck
    Passanger Deck above upper vehicle deck
  66. Quarter
    Left or right side of ship at stern (back)
  67. Rubbing strake
    support on side of ship above main vehicle deck
  68. SMS
    Safety Management System
  69. Side
    Vertical part of hull
  70. SCBA
    Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
  71. SOLAS
    International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea
  72. Spurling pipe
    pipe where the anchor cable leads from cable locker to the forecastle
  73. Starboard Bow
    Rightside forward
  74. Starboard Quarter
    Right side Backward
  75. Starboard
    Right side of ship when facing bow
  76. Stem
    forward point of a ship's hull (leading edge)
  77. Stern
    back part of ship's hull
  78. Stow
    to put away
  79. Sun Deck
    Deck above promenade
  80. Superstructure
    all the part of ship above the hull
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