Guide to Economic Indicators

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  1. Tracking the Economy
    • GDP
    • Beige Book/FED report on the economy
    • Index of leading economic indicators
  2. Tracking Employment
    • UR
    • Job creation
    • New jobless claims
  3. Tracking the Consumer
    • Consumer confidence
    • Retail sales, dept stores, auto dealers, restaurants, gas stations
    • Consumer credit/debt
    • New home sales, auto sales
    • Consumer spending
  4. Tracking Manufacturing
    • Industrial Production (FED)
    • Capacity utilization (FED)
    • Durable good orders (auto, appliances, electronics)
    • Productivity (output per worker)
    • ISM index (survey of purchasing managers)
    • Construction spending (residential and non)
  5. Tracking the Money Supply and Interest Rates
    • M1, M2 (money supply)
    • Fed funds (short term bank to bank borrowing) and Discount rate (bank borrows from FED)
  6. Tracking  the Federal Government Budget
    • Expenditures
    • Revenues
    • Deficit, debt, Surplus
  7. Tracking Inflation
    • Consumer price index (track cost of market basket of consumer goods over time)
    • Producer price index (raw materials)
    • GDP deflator index or GDP price index
    • Personal consumption expenditures index
  8. Tracking Stocks
    • Dow Jones Industrial Avg
    • S&P 500 (broader perspective)
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