Chapter 16

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  1. High-rise buildings over 7 stories have special requirements for emergency planning. These include:
  2. Pool maintenance is governed by F.S. ___ and F.A.C. ___. they cover pools serving at least __ living units. However, pools serving no more than __ units which are not operated inspections, but are still subject to investigations due to complaints.
    • 514
    • 64E-9
    • 32
  3. Name 5 requirements for swimming pools, 2 life saving equipment items and 3 of the rules that must be posted.
    • Pool covers and  blankets can be used only when pool is closed.
    • Dressing rooms must have a smooth slip-resistant floor finish and slop to floor drans.
    • pH of the pool water must be maintained at 7.2-7.8.
    • Free active chlorine residual must be at least one part per million.
    • Artificial lighting must be provided at all swimming pools that are used at night.

    • Shepard's hook attached to pole not less than 16 feet in length.
    • Minimum of one 19 inch diameter lifesaving ring with sufficient rope to reach all parts of the pool.

    • Hours of operation.
    • Maximum number of persons who may be in pool.
    • Requirement to shower before entering pool.
  4. Fire Safety & Fire Life Safety is governed by F.S. ___ and includes rules necessary for the protection of health, safety and welfare of the public. Name 4 of the items it includes.
    • 633
    • Prevention of fire and explosion though regulation of conditions which could cause fire or explosion, spread of fire and panic resulting from fires or explosions.
    • Installation & maintenance of fire alarm systems and fire protection systems including fire suppression systems, fire extinguishing equipment and fire sprinkler systems.
    • Servicing, repairing, recharging, testing, marking, inspecting, installing, maintaining and tagging of fire extinguishers, pre-engineered systems and individually designed fire protection systems.
    • Training and licensing of professionals who service, repair, recharge, test, mark, inspect, install, maintain and tag fire extinguishers, re engineered systems and individually designed fire protection systems.
  5. F.A.C. the ___ includes certain standard overseeing fire equipment. Name 9 of the standards.
    • 69A-60
    • Portable fire extinguishers.
    • Medium and high extinguishing systems.
    • Installing of air conditioning and ventilating systems.
    • Ovens and furnaces.
    • Low Expansion foam.
    • National fire alarm code.
    • Fire hose connections.
    • Emergency and stand by power systems.
    • Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems.
    • National electrical code.
  6. High-hazard occupancy is defined as ____. It is governed by F.S. ____.
    • Available for rent for periods less than 30 days.
    • 509
  7. A multi-dwelling building of more than 2 units is prohibited from using certain equipment on balconies or overhanging portions of the building or within 10 feet of the structure. Name the equipment.
    Hibachi, gas or charcoal grill
  8. Existing high-rises are requried to have approved automatic sprinkler systems or be equipped with engineered fire life safety systems no later than ___. The association can opt out of retrofitting the ___ through the following procedure.
    • 12/31/2016
    • Units
    • Majority vote
  9. Associations can opt to retrofit buildings after a vote to opt out by:
    Affirmative vote of a majority of all voting interests.
  10. Housing for older persons must include approved handrails and guardrails no later than ___. The association can opt out of retrofitting the ___, but not the ___ through the following procedure:
  11. The Elevator Safety Act, F.S. ___, applies to (Name 7 items):
    • 399
    • Elevators
    • Escalators
    • Personnel & Material hoists
    • Mobile scaffolds
    • Cranes
    • Automobile parking lifts
    • Towers & platforms
    • Wharf ramps
    • Power driven walkways
  12. The Act has three key provisions:
    • Provides design and construction standards, requirements for operation, inspection, testing and maintenance.
    • Identifies requirements in altering and repairing elevators and other mobile equipment.
    • Outlines elevator accessibility requirements for physically disabled persons.
  13. F.A.C. 4A-47, the ___, defines certain standards for elevators. Name two.
    • Defines numbering rules
    • Provides rules for installation and use of emergency stop and in-car stop switches
    • Outlines fees and costs
    • Outlines where and how bulletin boards in elevator may be placed, materials to be used and manner in which the bulletin board must be secured.
  14. At least __ days before the expiration of a certificate of operation, the association must report to the ___ whether a service maintenance contract exists.
    • 60
    • DBPR
  15. Any material change to an elevator service contract must be reported to ___ at least ___ days prior to the effective date of the change.
    • DBPR
    • 30
  16. Any accident resulting from an elevator must be reported by the association to ___ within ___ days. Failure to do so can result in a fine of up to $___.
    • DBPR
    • 5
    • $1,000.00
  17. F.S. ___ and F.A.C. ___ through ___ govern pest control.
    • 482
    • 5E-2
    • 5E-14
  18. Pest control is overseen by the Department of ___.
    Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  19. Licensure requirements for pest control operators include:
    • Operators must have training or experience in pest control and be a high school graduate.
    • Prospective operator must pass an examination.
    • Operators who perform fumigations must meet additional criteria as defined in Chapter 482.151 F.S.
  20. Employees who provide pest control must carry identification that includes ___ and must obtain a ___ certificate.
    • Picture ID and signature
    • Operator's
  21. Security guards are governed by F.S. ___ and F.A.C. ___.
    • 493
    • 5N-1
  22. A security guard is defined as:
    Any individual who, for consideration, advertises as providing or performs bodyguard services or otherwise guards persons or property, attempts to prevent theft or unlawful taking of goods, wares and merchandise or attempts to prevent the misappropriation or concealment of goods, wares or merchandise, money, bonds, stocks, chooses in action, notes or other documents, papers, and articles of value or procurement of the return thereof.
  23. A Class D license requires and allows:
    Must wear a uniform which display at least one emblem or patch identifying employing agency; emblem or patch must be clearly visable at all times. Additionally, security gkuard must have an identification card in his possession while his is on duty.
  24. A Class G license requires and allows:
    • Allows you to carry a gun.
    • Must have class D
  25. Security guards must wear  uniforms that display:
    Emblem or patch identifying employing agency.
  26. Define the construction lien law.
    Call the attorney!
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