Enlightenment thinkers 1

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  1. Nicolo Machivelli
    • the state keeps man from selfish impulses
    • 'The Prince'
  2. Thomas Hobbes
    • State provides security & order
    • (even tho its unpleasant)
    • 'Leviathon'
  3. Baruch Spinoza
    Individuals must give up freedom for order
  4. John Locke
    • social contract between individual & state
    • mutual benefit (yin-yang)
    • 'Concerning of Human Understanding'
  5. Giambattista Vico
    • importance of customs in society
    • look to past to understand present
    • (early "sociologist")
  6. King Louis XIV
    • bureaucratic practices (office of leadership)
    • standing army (always ready)
    • state-organized trade (import raw-->export product)
  7. David Hume
    • in favor of majority (utilitarianism)
    • neglected minority
    • no evidence miracles (coincidence)
    • no philosophical basis for God
  8. Immanuel Kant
    The understanding of God is beyond our mind capacity
  9. Voltiare
    power corrupts (anti-clergy)
  10. Denis Diderot
    • man should serve as archive for knowledge
    • 'Encyclopedie'
  11. Jean-Jacques Rosseau
    civilization keeps us from our true nature
  12. Michael de Montaigne
    • No single truth
    • (won't enforce own view to others)
  13. Friedrich Nietzche
    • "God is Dead"
    • religion is an illusion masking a truth
    • we don't need God anymore
  14. Francis Bacon
    • "Knowledge is Power"
    • knowledge from experience
    • from Scholastics (Induction)
  15. Rene Descartes
    • "I think therefore I am"
    • Doubt is the first step to everything
    • from Skeptics (Deduction)
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