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  1. Which component of Cisco Unified Comms architecture provides CAC in a Distributed call processing model.
    Cisco Gatekeeper. 

    Location based CAC does not work in a distributed deployment because clusters don't communicate BW utilization to other clusters.
  2. What are the three default SYSTEM call handlers? 
    • Goodby Call Handler
    • Opening Greeting CH
    • Operator CH


    • (note the 3 types of CH are SDI,
    • System, Directory and Interview.)
  3. What are the 3 wizards that CCP has that lets you configure a CME Dial-Plan?
    • Create Incoming Dial-Plan
    • Create Outbound Dial-Plan
    • Import Outgoing Dial-Plan Template
  4. In CME, how many paging numbers can you have in a paging group.
  5. What are 2 benefits of assigning Extension Mobility for IP Phones to the Enterprise Subscription?
    All phones are auto subscribed to the EM service.

    All Device Profiles are auto subscribed to the EM service. 

    (All Phones, All Device Profiles)
  6. Define RTP ports.
    UDP  16,384 - 32,767
  7. Define E.164 to NANP category associations.
    e.164  15 characters max

    • E.164:
    • Country Code
    • National Dest Code
    • Subscriber Num

    • NANP:
    • Country Code
    • Area Code
    • Central Office Code
    • Station Code

    National Dest Code = Area code + Central Office Code
  8. What is the max power wattage of POE 802.3af?
    15.4 watts.

    • note.  in work is 802.3at  (POE plus)
    • 25.5 watts.
  9. What are the 2 default admin accounts created when CUCM is first loaded?

    What 3 areas can each one access?
    • Application Admin
    • 1. CUCM Administration
    • 2. Cisco Unified Serviceability
    • 3. Cisco Unified Reporting

    • Platform Admin (aka OS admin)
    • 1. DRS
    • 2. CLI
    • 3. Cisco Unified OS Administration
  10. With End Users synced with LDAP, CUCM admin can't change which of the following?

    a. User ID
    b. Dept
    c. First Name
    d. Last Name
    e. Cluster
    a   b   d  
  11. Where do you go to restart TFTP on CUCM server?
    Unified Serviceability > Tools > Control Center > Feature Services
  12. How do you get all outside calls moved to the front of the voicemail queue?
    Set outside external callers messages to urgent > phone menu > Unidentified callers message urgency
  13. After a LDAP sync, you notice that some corporate users should not be in CUCM. How do you fix this?    (pick 2)

    a. Create a more specific LDAP Sync agreement.Use a LDAP custom filter.

    b. Use a CSV file format for import instead.

    c. Use a LDAP custom filter.

    d. Run the Unidentified user report.
    a    c 

    Create a more specific LDAP Sync agreement.

    Use a LDAP custom filter.
  14. IPPM (IP Phone Messenger) signals CUPS for IM messages using what?

    a. SOAP
    b. XML over HTTP
    c. SCCP
    d. CSF
  15. What programming is necessary in CME for accounting codes to work?
  16. For CUCM Mobile connect (aka Mobility, aka Single Number Reach), what are the 3 types of access list for callers ID to match?

    a. DN
    b. Private
    c. CSS
    d. Not Available
    e. Partition 
    a  b  d 
  17. What report would you run to see what DNs were active for a specific time period?
    User Reports > Bills > Individual
  18. what are 3 high complex codecs?  (pick 3)

    a. G.711
    b. G.728
    c. G.726
    d. G.729a
    e. G.729
    f. G.iLBC
    b   e    f
  19. A user complains that his cell phone does not ring when mobility softkey is pressed.  What could be 2 reasons?
    Remote destination doesn't have mobile device check box checked.

    Cell phone # may not be present in the re-routing CSS of the remote destination profile.
  20. When doing a LDAP sync and authorization, what fields cannot be changed?
    • UserID
    • Last name
    • Department
  21. Where are the prompts for the MVA stored?
    VXML  Gateway
  22. What is the difference between restart and reset on an IP phone
    Restart, Unregisters and lets phone re-register.

    Reset,  Does a deeper reset, goes back to the Database. 
  23. Which tool would you use to track system counters and view log files on Cisco Unified Comms Manager of Cisco Unity Connection?
    a. Bulk Admin Tool (BAT)
    b. Real Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT)
    c. CDR Analysis and Reporting Tool (CAR)
    d. Cisco Config Professional (CCP)
  24. When using the CDR Analysis and Reporting Tool (CAR) to generate reports, which report is not ins the System Reports section of CAR?
    a. Top N report
    b. Qos report
    c. Traffic Report
    d. System Overview report
  25. Cisco TAC has requested that you run a trace to try to isolate a call setup issue that you are experiencing.  Which programming interface can give you access to trace setup?

    a. Cisco Unified CM admin
    b. Cisco Unified Serviceability
    c. Cisco Unified OS admin
    d. Disaster Recovery System
    e. CLI
  26. If a CUCM Subscriber server fails, which of the following events occur?
    a. A CUCM Subscriber takes over Publisher functions until the original Publisher server preempts the role.

    b. A CUCM Subscriber takes over Publisher functions permanently; if the original Publisher server returns, it is demoted to a Subscriber role.

    c. Administrative access to the CUCM database becomes read-only; user-facing features are writeable to the Subscriber.

    d. Outside calling is disabled until the CUCM Publisher returns to the network.
  27. Which of the following is not true of LDAP Sync.

    a. Application User accounts are configured in LDAP and are replicated to CUCM.
    b. End User accounts and passwords are replicated to CUCM.
    c. LDAP check the user accounts in CUCM and replicates only those that also exist in LDAP.
    d. End User Accounts that exist in LDAP are replicated to CUCM, unless the LDAP sn attribute is blank.
  28. Greg is an end user in the Engineering Dept.  He has done some reading on the internet and has learned that there is a Unified Reporting tool he can use to run reports. However, he phones you to tell you that he can’t run any reports because he is denied access to the web page.  What action will allow Greg to run reports?

    a. Modify the permissions on the Unified Reporting web pages to allow Greg access.
    b. Give Greg a copy of Crystal Reports and the Platform Admin account.
    c. Install the RTMT on Greg’s PC.
    d. Make Greg a member of the Standard CCM Super Users Group.
    e. Tell Greg he is not allowed to run reports.
  29. You want to change the conversation style of the existing users. You change the template that was used to originally create the users, but the change won’t take effect. What could be the cause?

    a. You need to reboot Cisco Unity Connection after the change.
    b. Reset all changed users.
    c. A template only affects new users.
    d. You changed the wrong template.
  30. You are watching a new administrator add a phone in CUCM. While the administrator is programing the DN, he asks what the Display field is used for when configing a phone. What will you tell the administrator? (pick 2)

    a. Adds the extra digits needed for PSTN Caller ID.
    b. This field sets internal Caller ID.
    c. Changes the display next to the line key to a name, rather than a directory number (DN).
    d. Enables a name to be sent to other internal callers instead of just the DN.
    b    d
  31. How can an admin restrict access to a range of Call Park numbers? (pick 2)

    a. Configure a security access code for retrieval purposes.
    b. Park access can’t be restricted.
    c. Create Call Park numbers in a unique route partition.
    d. Add the partition to the CSS of all phones that will either park or retrieve calls.
    c   d
  32. When a phone is programmed as a watcher in Cisco Unified Comms Manager Native Presence, which entities can the phone watch?  (pick 2)

    a. The call state of an IP phone DN

    b.The status of an IP Phone

    c. The status of an MGCP controlled FXS DN

    d. The registration status of a gateway
    a   c
  33. You want to configure a dial peer to connect to a PBX system using a digital T! CAS config.  What type of dial peer would you create?

    a. Analog

    b. Digital

    c. POTS

    d. VOIP

  34. Where do Cisco IP Phones using SCCP get their time reference?
    a. NTP

    b. the config file received from Cisco TFTP

    c.  The Comms Manager Publisher server

    d.  the Comms manager Subscriber server where the phone is registered
  35. You recently created a new auto-attendant application, and you want to see which options the callers are choosing. Which report would give you the statistics you need?

    a. Call handler Traffic report

    b. Message Traffic report

    c. Transfer Call Billing report

    d. User report
  36. A Customer wants to retrieve and listen to Voicemail messages using Cisco Unified Communicator Personal Communicator (CUPC). What protocol must be activated in Cisco Unity Connection?

    a. Jabber XCP

    b. IMAP

    c. XMPP

    d. XML
  37. Where do Cisco IP Phones using SIP get their time reference? 

    a. NTP

    b. the config file received from Cisco TFTP

    c.  The Comms Manager Publisher server

    d.  the Comms manager Subscriber server where the phone is registered
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