Visiting Hour

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  1. The hospital smell
    combs my nostrils
    • metaphor - strong and pervasive
    • power of smell invaded
    • pungent and overpowering.
    • feelings of discomfort/fear/anxiety
    • overwhelmes him
    • jokiness masks his uneasiness
  2. green and yellow
    • sickly connotations
    • reminds reader of pus and vomit
    • highlights feelings of discomfort and unease
  3. Whats seems a corpse
    • enjambment emphasises reminder of death
    • thoughts of death slowly creep in, no escape
    • pessimistic, assumes
    • anxiety and fear
  4. trundled into a lift and vanishes
    • enjambment emphasises the finality of death
    • play of words, going to a ward to prepare for heaven
    • going up in the lift
  5. I will not feel, I will not
    feel, until
    I have to
    • Repetition - trying to delay his emotions
    • in denial, refusing to let his emotions overwhelm
    • emotions under control
    • Enjambment "I have to" - he will eventually have to confront his feelings
  6. Ward 7.
    • short, abrupt sentence heightens his anxiety
    • as if he's found himself there; shock
    • we see the sign
  7. A withered hand
    trembles on its stalk
    • flower metaphor - fragility/weakness/dying
    • lack of personal pronouns, ambiguity
    • sees her as a shadow of her former self
  8. leaving behind only
    books that will not be read and
    fruitless fruits
    • highlights extent of illness
    • oxymoron suggests fruit cannot offer her sustenance which reflects his own sense of uselessness
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