Hotel Room, 12th Floor

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  1. jumbo sized dentists drill
    • metaphot - negative connotations - pain/suffering/unpleasantness
    • disturbed by what he sees
    • dismissive tone
    • unimpressed by symbols of wealth
    • mocking "bigger is better"
  2. midnight has come in
    from foreign places
    • shift In time, change to night
    • Introduces battle between light and dark
    • symbolic of key theme of good vs evil
    • "foreign" multiracial society/unknown, sinister places
  3. uncivilised darkness
    shot at by a million lit windows
    • transferred epithet, it is really humans who are uncivillised
    • idea of guns and violence
    • battle between light and dark
  4. warwhoops
    • alliteration, wild west imagery
    • war cries of Indian tribes
    • contrast with the reality of modern city
  5. glittery canyons
    • surrounded by skyscrapers, suggests sophistication
    • symbols of wealth
    • city is just as dangerous - favoured for ambushes
  6. frontier
    • boundry between civilised and savagery
    • the world is a savage place, no protection
    • not a line on a map but  condition that exists in all humans
  7. no stockades
    can keep the midnight out
    • strong conclusion, use of "no"
    • midnight, substitute for "evil"
    • violence is a basic part of humanity, and darkness brings fear and threat
    • sense of hopelessness and despair

    • we all have potential to be savages and let midnight take over
    • nothing sophisticated we can contrast can overcome this basic premise
    • highlights the evil within us
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