Brooklyn Cop

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  1. Built like a gorilla but less timid
    • similie; big, strong, thuggish
    • almost cartoon-like
    • brave and brutal
    • he likes violence - jokey uneasiness
  2. "two hieroglyphs"
    • his eyes
    • troubke
    • embracing violence
    • sinister and threatening
  3. thin tissue over violence
    • metaphor - delicate/thin/fragile
    • contrast to cop
    • divide between civilisation and violence
    • any point can turn to savagery
  4. see you, babe
    • cliché, like a caveman
    • normally meaningless, but he mean it
    • streets he patrols are dangerous
    • creates sympathy
  5. gorilla with a nightstick
    • cuts the sympathy - he enjoys violence
    • written as part of a rhetorical question, he represents us
    • violence can be used to defeat darkness
  6. And who would be who have to be
    his victims
    • he creates violence as much as he's trying to stop it
    • violence is inevitable - part of the human condition
    • darkness is inside us all
    • he represents anyone in that position
    • victims - creator of violence as much as he keeps the peace
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