Waiting Room by Moira Andrew

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  1. she waits neatly
    • anonymity, not an individual
    • suggests elegance and gentility
    • connotations of affluence, proper
  2. room tight with memories
    • circumstances have changed, moved into small accomodation
    • rich past, but now little happens
    • apathy
  3. bearing the graffiti of age
    • metaphor, compares her face to a building
    • once pristine, now wrinkled
    • she is carrying a burden
  4. Names elude her. Tormented
    • short sentence - contrast and abrupt
    • mirrors her fleeting memory - halted thoughts
    • frustration at unpredictability
  5. A man's face
    preoccupied by youth, looks on
    • change in point of view
    • ambiguity
    • Symbolises her solidarity
    • No time for her, nor patience
    • she is ignored
  6. waiting for the gong
    • institutionalised
    • purely existing
    • lack of freedom and choice
  7. waiting for winter, waiting
    • repetition shows she is waiting for impending death
    • death would be a release
    • life is monotonous
    • waiting is a major part of life - purely existing, not living
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