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  1. The registration or filing of an order in this state is not required for the enforcement of a valid foreign protective order under this chapter.
  2. Whenever a number of persons are assembled together in such a mmanner as to constitue a riot, according to the penal law of the State, it is the duty of every magistrate or peace officer to cause such persons to disperse. This may be done by:
    commanding them to disperse or by arresting the persons engaged with or without a warrant.
  3. Felony indictments may be presented with no limitations for:
    • 1. murder and manslaughter
    • 2. sexual assault, or aggravated sexual assault
    • 3. continuous sexual abuse of a young child
    • 4. indecency with a child
    • 5. LTS if it resulted in death
  4. How many years do you have from the date of commission of these offenses to indict:

    1. Theft of any estate, real, personal, or mixed by an executor with intent to defraud
    2. theft by a public servant of governement property over wihich he exercises control in his official capacity
    3. forgery or passing of forged instruments
    injury to an elderly or disabled individual 1st degree
    4. sexual assault
    5. arson
    10 years
  5. How many years from the date of the commission of the offense can a jury indict?
    a. misapplication of fiduciary property or property of a financial institution
    b. securing execution of document by deception.
    c. felony violation under tax code
    d. false statement to obtain credit or property
    e. money laundering
    f. credit car or debit card abuse
    g fraudulent use of possession of identifying information
    7 years
  6. an indictment for a misdemeanor may be presented within ___ years from the date of the commission of the offense
  7. Besides the offenses listed above, how many years from the date of the commission of the offense for all other felonies
    3 years
  8. The person making the arrest or the person having custody of the person arrested shall take the person arrested or have him taken without unnecessary delay, but not later than ___ hrs after the person is arrested, before the magistrate
    48 hrs
  9. If the person resides in the _______ where teh offense occurred, a peace officer who is charging a person with committing an offense that is a Class A or B misdemeanor may issue a citation.
  10. The affidavit made before the magistrate or district or county attorney is called a _______ if it charges the commission of an offense.
  11. A law enforcement agency shall orally notify the superintendent in the school district in which the student is enrolled of that arrest or referral within __ hrs after the arrest or the next school day.
  12. The magistrate issuing a search warrant shall endorse on the search warrant the _____ and the ______ of its issuance
    date and hour
  13. A search warrant must be executed within ____days from the time of its issuance, and shall be executed within a shorter period if so directed in the warrant by the magistrate.
  14. A search warrant is good for _____ days if the earrant is issued solely to search for and seize speciments from a specific person for DNA analysis and comparison, including blood and saliva sampeles.
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