DIT day 6

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  1. which murmurs are innocent with no other symptoms?
    systolic or diastolic?
  2. difference between acute and chronic sinusitis rx?
    • chronic gets amoxacillin plus steroids¬†
    • acute gets just amoxacillin
  3. what is seen on examinatio of allergic fungal rhinosinusitis?
    thick allergic mucin
  4. most common cause of bacterial bronchitis?
  5. when does acute bacterial sinusitis present?
    7 days after the URI symptoms
  6. Coccidiomycosis gets what antifungal?
    the rest that causes pneumonia?

  7. what has symptoms, primary or reacctivating?
  8. 3ways to diagnose tb?
    • sputum acid fast
    • sputum culture

  9. what method of 2 delivery can give the most o2 without intubating them?
  10. theophyllinse side effects?
    • bradycardia
    • hypotension
    • seizuers
  11. which type of lung cancer can produce dermatomyositis?
    all lung cancers
  12. rx for Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?
    • steroids
    • azathiprine
    • n-acetyl cysteine
  13. what pneumoconiosis increases cancer risk?
    • asbestosis
    • berryliossi
  14. what is given for pulmonary hypertneison?
    • vasodilations--bosentan, prostaglandins
    • anticoagulant
    • diuretics
    • oxygen
  15. 2 respiratory stimulants?
    • theophylline
    • acetazolamide
  16. drugs for intubation?
    • lidocaine
    • fentanyl
    • atropine
    • rapid anesthesia agents
    • paralytics
  17. xray difference between ttn and rds?
    • rds--low volumes and interstitial markings
    • ttn--large volumes
  18. rds predisposes to what in the childhood?
  19. how are croup and bronchiolitis treated?
    croup--epi and steroids

    bronchiolitis--epi, no steroids
  20. 1st line rx for enuresis?
  21. causes of gastric outlet obstruction?
    • ingestion of caustic agents
    • gastric malignancy
    • pud
  22. obstruction to outflow in HOCM is due to what 2 anatomical differences?
    hypertrophic septum

    abnormal mitral valve leaf motion
  23. dx of developmental hip dysplasia?
    • <4 mo--ultrasound
    • >4 mo-- xray
  24. most common cause of mucopurulent cervical discharge?
  25. difference in presentation between peritonsillar abscess and epiglotitis?
    epiglotitis is more acute
  26. what antibiotics should not be given to kids?
    • tetracycline
    • flouroquinolones
  27. how is lyme dz treated in kids?
    • amoxi or cephalosporin if <8 yo
    • doxy if >8 yo
  28. when can you give fq in kids?
    in patients with cf
  29. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding is due to what?
  30. rx for mild dub
    moderate dub with no bleeding
    severe dub with bleeding?
    • iron supplement
    • progestin
    • estrogen
  31. 5 types of lacunar strokes?
    • pure motor
    • pure sensory
    • mixed motor and sensory
    • ataxic- hemiplegic
    • dysarthia--clumsy hand syndrome
  32. what embryological element gives rise to kidney?
  33. rx for  sporotrichosis?

    Potassium Iodide
  34. what coniditions of the bone that have increased alp?
    • pagets
    • hyperthyroid
  35. in what position are the arm and thigh when there is anterior dislocation?
    posterior dislocation?
    • anterior disclocation--externally rotated
    • posterior dislocation--internally rotated
  36. a preterm infant is at risk for what gi pathology?
    necrotizing enterocolitis
  37. ramsay hunt syndrome?
    • ----****reactivation of herpes zoster
    • unilateral facial paralysis
    • ear pain
    • vesicles in ear
  38. best way of monitoring serotonin syndrome?
    blood pressure
  39. what classicaly produces an osmolar gap?
    ethylene-glycol ingestion
  40. what prevents myocardial remodeling?
    • ace inhibitors
    • spironolactone
  41. diagnosis of MGUS?
    Monoclonal gammopathy without anemia, hypercalcemia, bone lytic lesions
  42. what reduces the frequency of ms exacerbations?
    • interferon
    • glutarimer
    • plasmapharesis
    • IVIG
  43. on physical what is expected in pericardial effusion?
    • cant palpate pmi
    • distant heart sounds
  44. what part of the axial skeleton is involved in ra?
    cervical--c1-c2 sublaxation
  45. rx for inevitable abortion?
    D and C, RHogam, IV fluids
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