Gram positive Identification tests

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  1. Catalase positive and used to distinguish from what other bacteria?
    1. Staphylococcus(p) differentiates between strep spp.
  2. Coagulase positive and used to distinguish from?
    S. aureus(p) differentiates from coag neg staph.
  3. Alpha or non hemolysis & differentiates from?
    • Enterococcus (p) differentiates from Groups A,B, etc...
    • S. pneumoniae
    • Viridans group
  4. Bile solubility positive and distinguishes from?
    S.pneumoniae (p) differentiates from enterococcus.
  5. PYR positive and used to differentiate from?
    Enterococcus(p) distinguishes from Viridans group.
  6. What is resistant and sensitive to the Novobiocin disk ?
    • S = aureus & epidemidis
    • R = saprophyticus
  7. What is sensitive and resistant to the Optochin test aka P disk?
    • Sensitive = S. pneumoniae
    • Resistant = most Viridans strep
  8. PYR positive and differentiate from?
    • Enterococcus (p) differentiates from Viridans group(n).
    • Group A strep (p)
  9. CAMP test is positive for what bacteria?
    • Group B strep (S. agalactiae)
    • Listeria
  10. Esculin hydrolysis is positive for and differentiates from what?
    • only GPB pos = Bacillus spp and
    • V = corynebacterium
    • Enterococcus
    • Group D strep
  11. 6.5% (NaCl)salt tolerance is positive for what?
  12. Bacitracin is susceptible for what?
    S= Group A strep
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