SCape CBRN30

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  1. What is a SCape CBRN30?
    It is an escape hood designed for a rapid deployment that is approved by NIOSH as a 30 minute General Category Escape mask.
  2. What does the SCape CBRN30 provide?
    It proves protection against inhalation particulates such as chemical and biological agents, harmful dust, and radiological isotopes during emergency escape situation.
  3. What does the SCape CBRN filter?
    Ammonia, Cyanogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Cyclohexane, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Phosgene, Hydrogen Cyanide.
  4. In what situation does the SCape CBRN30 should not be used?
    It should not be used for escape from smoke or fire. In addition to that, this equipment does not protect the body.
  5. What are the SCape CBRN parts?
    • 1. Protective Hood with integrated visor.
    • 2. One size fits all neck seal.
    • 3. Filter/Blower with a LED light.
    • 4. Exhaust valve that maintains positive pressure within the hood.
  6. When should the SCape CBRN be donned?
    When the Police (USCP) notify the personnel.
  7. In what ways can the Police (USCP) notify personnel to don the SCape CBRN?
    • Via:
    • 1. Wireless Emergency Annunciator
    • 2. Public Address System
    • 3. USCP Officers
    • 4. E-mail/Blackberry
  8. How do you don the SCape CBRN?
    • 1. Remove foil pouch from packaging materials.
    • 2. Hold foil pouch upright and locate the "TEAR HERE" label and small notch on pouch.
    • 3. Remove plastic container from pouch.
    • 4. Remove the lid from plastic container.
    • 5. Remove escape hood from its container by pulling on the pull tab. (Note: The blower will begin to operate immediately, if nothing is operating, do not use the hood.)
    • 6. Point the front of the hood away from yourself.
    • 7. Insert both hands through the neck opening and spread the neck seal open.
    • 8. Raise hood above head and place hood over head in a single, fluid motion.
    • 9. Smooth and adjust neck seal to remove any fold to maximize comfort and sealing on the neck. (Note: Verify nothing interferes with seal between your neck and the neck seal.)
    • 10. Have a buddy check seal, if possible.
    • 11. Filter/blower will rest comfortably on your chest.
    • 12. Breath normally.
  9. When do you remove the SCape CBRN?
    Only when directed by the Police (USCP).
  10. How do you remove the SCape CBRN?
    • 1. Bend over at waist.
    • 2. Pull from the back and drop.
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