mb 100 chapter 15

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  1. albumin/o
    albumin, protien
  2. calc/i
    calcium, lime, the heel
  3. -centesis
    surgical puncture to remove fluid
  4. creatin/o
  5. glycos/o
    glucose, sugar
  6. -graphy
    the process of producing a picture or record
  7. hemat/o
    blood, relating to blood
  8. lapar/o
    abdomen, abdominal wall
  9. -otomy
    cutting, surgical incision
  10. pleb/o
  11. radi/o
    radiation, x-rays
  12. -scope
    instrument for visual examination
  13. -scopy
    visual examination
  14. son/o
  15. -uria
    urination, urine
  16. a.c.
    • ante cibum
    • before meals
  17. analgesic
    drugs that relieve pain without affecting consiousness
  18. antipyretic
    fever reducing medicine
  19. ap lat
    Anterior-Posterior and Lateral views. Description used for x-rays. For example x-ray of chest, 2 views
  20. auscultation
    listening for sounds within the body
  21. bacteriuria
    presence of bacteria in the urine
  22. bid
    • bis in die
    • twice a day
  23. bolus
    single dose drug udually injected into blood vessel over a short time.
  24. bone scan
    nuclear scanning test that identifies new areas of bone growth or degradation
  25. bun
    Blood Urea Nitrogen. This blood test measures liver function.
  26. C reactive protein
    Blood test that identifies high levels of inflammation in the body. May indicate heart attack risk or past history.
  27. calcuria
    presence of calcium in the urine
  28. generic
    not protected by a brand name or trademark. Usually named for the chemical that comprises the drug.
  29. glycosuria
    presence of glycose in urine. High levels may indicate diabetes.
  30. hematocrit
    %bv of red blood cells in the blood.
  31. IM
    Intramuscular. Injected directly within the muscle tissue.
  32. intraoral
    In x-rays. This is produced by inserting film into the mouth, and exposing it using a camera on the exterior of teeth.
  33. MRI
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Combines radio waves and a strong magnetic field to make an image of an organ or soft tissue.
  34. p.c.
    • post cibum
    • after meals
  35. p.o.
    • per os
    • by mouth
  36. parentral
    Medication that is administered to the patient i.e. through injection.
  37. percutaneous
    injected through the skin
  38. perfusion
    flow of blood through an organ
  39. phlebotomist
    a medical professional trained to draw blood for tests.
  40. placebo
    inactive substance given to a patient for its suggestive effects
  41. prn
    • pro re nata
    • as needed
  42. prone position
    examination position in which patient lies face down on the abdomen.
  43. proteinuria
    presence of protein in the urine
  44. pyuria
    presence of pus in the urine
  45. Q day; qd; qid
    • quater in die
    • four times a day
  46. q.h.
    • quaque hour
    • every hour
  47. rale
    a crackling sound heard upon inspiration
  48. sphygmomanometer
    device used for measuring blood pressure
  49. sq
  50. supine position
    patient lies on back face up. aka horizontal recumbent position
  51. tid
    • ter in die
    • three times a day
  52. lateral projection
    x-rays pass through the person's side
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