DIT day 7

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  1. Rx for cns symptoms caused by trichinella or taenia solium?
  2. rx for h pylori gastritis?
    • ppi
    • clarithromycin
    • amoxaciliin
  3. Complications after gastrectomy?
    • osteoporosis due to decreased calcium
    • dumping syndrome
    • alkaline reflux gastritis
    • vit b12 deficiency
    • early satiety
    • afferent and efferent loop syndromes
  4. Rx for gastric carcinoma involving the upper 1/3 of stomach? middle? upper?
    upper--subtotal gastrectomy

    • middle--total gastrectomy
    • distal--total gastrectomy
  5. tumor marker for pancreatic cancer?
    • cea
    • ca19-9
  6. whipple procedure?
    • head of pancreas
    • duodenum
    • proximal jejunum
    • common bile duct
    • gall bladder
    • distal stomach
  7. rx for insulinoma?
    • diazoxide
    • somatostatin
  8. 2 wweight loss sx?
    • laparascopic gastric banding
    • gastric bypass
  9. identifies two groups: diseased group and healthy group. retrospectively compares them. weakened by recall and selection biases
    case control
  10. seeks to estimate disease prevalence and exposure across a population?
    cross sectional study
  11. examines a collection of studies on a given subject?
  12. prospective blinded study involving placebos, existing therapies, and experimental interventions?
    randomized clinical trial
  13. focuses on  one group with a shared exposure or disease and either prospectively or retrospectively compares them
  14. examines a collection of cases to seek insight into the disease of interest. useful in rare diseases?
    case series
  15. all mortality rates are per how much, except maternal mortality which is per 100,000
    all are per 1000, except maternal mortality
  16. odds ratio is equivalent to relative risk when the prevalence is high or low?
  17. attributable risk is equivalent to what?
    absolute risk reduction
  18. NNT?
  19. positive likelihood ratio?

    negative likelihood ratio?

  20. accuracy equation?
    TP +TN/everything(TP+FP+TN+FN)
  21. complications of pernicious anemia?
    gastric cancer
  22. first line rx for essential tremor?
    2nd line rx for essential tremor?

  23. what may precipitate acute intermittent porphyria
  24. most accurate test for porphyria cutanea tarda?
    24 hour urine uroporphyrin
  25. what is pellargra?
    • diarhea
    • dementia
    • dermatitis
  26. best initial rx for roseasea?
  27. predisposing risk factors to interventricular hemorrhage?
    • prematurity
    • LOW Birth Weight
  28. rx for mycobacterium avium complex?

  29. contraindications to breast feeding?
    • hiv
    • tb
    • herpes simplex near the nipple
    • malaria
    • sepsis
    • typhoid
    • galactosemia
  30. what is the manamgent of a pt with rheumatic heart disease?
    • penicillin for 5 years or 21yo if no carditis¬†
    • penicillin for 10 year or 21 if carditis
    • penicillin for 10 year or 40 yo if carditis and valvular damage
  31. rx for symptomatic mitral stenosis?
    preload reduction
  32. does ocp make you gain weight?
  33. prolongation of what on an ekg suggest bradyarrhythmia?

  34. what kind of liver pathology produces mallory bodies?
  35. what liver pathology is reversible with abstinence from alcohol?
    • steatosis
    • hepatitis
    • early fibrosis
  36. next step in managing a patient with a newly diagnosed cirrhotic liver?
    endoscopy to r/o esophageal varices
  37. a confounder must have what 2 properties?
    linked with the exposure and the outcome
  38. 2 ways to increases preciseness?
    • tight confidence interval
    • increasing the size of teh study
  39. best initial rx for vaginismus?
    kegel exercises and desensitization with objects
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