Antigone script scene 1

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  1. Antigone: He’s to have no funeral or lament,

    but to be left unburied and unwept,

    a sweet treasure for the birds to look at,

    for them to feed on to their hearts content.

    Now you know, and you’ll quickly demonstrate

    Whether you are nobly born, or else

    a girl unworthy of her splendid ancestors.
    Ismene: What? You’re going to bury Polyneices,

    when that’s been made a crime for all in Thebes?
  2. Antigone:Yes. I’ll do my duty to my brother—

    I won’t be caught betraying him.
    Ismene: But now, the two of us are left here quite alone.

    Think how we’ll die far worse than all the rest,

    if we defy the law and move against

    • the king’s decree, against his royal power.
    • We must remember that by birth we’re women,

    and, as such, we shouldn’t fight with men.

    Since those who rule are much more powerful,

    we must obey in this and in events

    which bring us even harsher agonies.

    I will obey those in control.
  3. Antigone:well, if you wish, you can show contempt

    for those laws the gods all hold in honour.
    Ismene:I’m not disrespecting them. But I can’t act

    against the state. That’s not in my nature.
  4. Antigone:let that be your excuse. I’m going now

    to make a burial mound for my dear brother.
    Ismene: make sure you don’t reveal to anyone

    what you intend. Keep it closely hidden.

    I’ll do the same.
  5. Antigone:No,no. Announced the fact.
    End Scene
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