Chapter 2

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  1. Circulatory System
    heart, blood, and blood vessels such as the arteries, veins, and capillaries

    Transport blood throughout the body
  2. Lymphatic system
    Includes lymph vessels, and nodes that carry a clear fluid called lymph

    • fight against dieases
    • important part of immune system
  3. Digestive system
    brings food into the body and breaks it down so that it can be enter bloodstream 

    food that cannot be broken down is then removed from the body at the end of the system as waste
  4. endocrine system
    Composed of glands, sends chemical messengers called hormones into the body to act on other glands and organs
  5. Female and male reproductive system
    Produce the cells( eggs and sperm) that join to form the embryo

    • Male- (testis) 
    • Female( Ovary) 
    •              sex organs produce homes as well
  6. Musculoskeletal System
    Muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissues, support the body and allows it to move
  7. Nervous System
    Carries electrical messages to and from the brain and spinal cord
  8. Respiratory system
    Controls breathing, a process by which air enters and leaves the body
  9. Skin and sense Organ systems
    Includes the skin and eyes and ears 

    receives messages from the environment and sends them to the brain
  10. urinary system
    Produces urine and sends it out of the body through the kidney, ureters, bladder and urethra
  11. Bronchial Tubes
  12. Cerebrum
  13. Coccyx (tailbone)
  14. Colon( Large Intestines)
  15. Esophagus ( Food Tube)
    Digestive System
  16. Kidneys
  17. Larynx(Voice Box)
  18. Lungs
  19. Ovaries
    Female Reproductive/ Endocrine
  20. Pharynx ( Throat)
  21. Pituitary Gland
  22. Prostate Gland
    Male Reproductive System
  23. Spinal Cord
  24. Trachea(windpipe)
  25. Ureters
  26. Urethra
  27. Uterus
    Female Reproductive
  28. Vertebrae ( Backbones)
  29. Cranial Cavity
    • Located in the head and surrounded by the skill 
    • Contains the brain and other organs such as the pituitary gland
  30. Thoracic Cavity
    • Chest Cavity 
    • Surrounded by the breastbone and ribs
    • the lungs, heart, windpipe(trachea), bronchial tubes are in this cavity
  31. Pleura
    the double membrane that the lungs are surrounded by
  32. pleural Cavity
    The space between the pleural membranes
  33. Mediastinum
    The large area between the lungs 

    The heart, esophagus( food tube), trachea and the bronchial tubes are organs within the mediastinum
  34. abdominal Cavity
    The space below the thoracic cavity 

    organs in the abdomen include the stomach, liver, gallbladder, and small and large intestines
  35. Diaphragm
    the muscle that separates the abdominal and thoracic cavity
  36. peritoneum
    double membrane that the organs in the abdomen are surrounded by
  37. pelvic cavity
    • below the abdominal cavity
    • surrounded by the pelvis 
    • urinary bladder, ureters, urethra, rectum, and anus, and the uterus
  38. Spinal Cavity
    this is the space surrounded by the spinal column
  39. Spinal Column
  40. spinal cord
    • is the nervous tissue within the spinal cavity
    • nerves enter and leave the spinal cord and carry messages to and form all parts of the body
  41. abdomin/o
  42. anter/o
  43. bronch/o
    bronchial tubes
  44. bronchial tubes
    leading from the windpipe to the lungs
  45. cervic/o
    neck of the body or the neck(cervix) of the uterus
  46. chondr/o
  47. coccyg/o
    coccyx, tailbone
  48. crani/o
  49. epitheli/o
    skin, surface tissue
  50. esophag/o
    esophagus ( tube from the throat to the stomach)
  51. hepat/o
  52. lapar/o
  53. laryng/o
    larynx (voice box)
  54. later/o
  55. lumb/o
  56. mediastin/o
    mediastinum (space between the lungs)
  57. pelv/o
    pelvis (bones of the hip)
  58. peritone/o
    peritoneum (membrane surrounding the abdominal organ)
  59. pharyng/o
    pharynx (throat)
  60. pleur/o
  61. poster/o
    back, behind
  62. sacr/o
    sacrum (five fused bones in the lower back)
  63. spin/o
    spine (backbone)
  64. thorac/o
  65. trache/o
  66. vertebr/o
    vertebra (backbone)
  67. Image Upload
    • 1.Frontal(Coronal) Plane
    • 2. Sagittal( lateral) Plane
    • 3. Transverse(Axial) Plane
  68. Image Upload
    • 1. Cranial Cavity 
    • 2. Thoracic Cavity 
    • 3. Abdominal Cavity
    • 4. Pelvic Cavity 
    • 5. Spinal Cavity
  69. Image Upload
    Image Upload
  70. Image Upload
    • 1. Cervical ( neck ) region 7bones C1-C7
    • 2. Thoracic (Chest) region 12bones T1-T12
    • 3.Lumbar(loin or waist) region 5bones L1-L5
    • 4.Sacral( sacrum or lowerback) region 5 fused bones S1-S5
    • 5.Coccygeal( coccyx or tailbone) 4 fused bones
  71. Image Upload
    Image Upload
  72. Image Upload
    Image Upload
  73. Image Upload
    Image Upload
  74. Image Upload
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